Dog playground in the garden
Dog pizza variant 1

Good ideas for bad weather

The “tracking game” is popular. However, your four-legged super nose must not be part of the following preparations: First, distribute around four upturned cardboard boxes in a room, each with scent holes; then pull a train across the room, past and around the boxes with an aromatic treat. Finally, let the trail with the hidden chunk of food end under a cardboard box. Now get your dog and encourage him to search. If he scratches the right hiding place, he gets the food he finds as a reward. But your four-legged friend can not only track down food in the house, objects or clothing that smell of you, for example, will also be found by your barking snoop. There are hardly any limits to the hiding places in an apartment: under the sofa, armchair, chair or even carpet, in old pillows, blankets or towels that are placed on the floor.

Agility in the living room

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