Griffon Cortalsa


The Griffon Kortalsa breed originated in Germany in the 70s of the 19th century. In 1874, Edward Corthals began his breeding program. In it, he used a female named Moshe, who interbred with 5 male griffins – Satan, Hector, Janus, Banco, and Juno.

Here it is necessary to say a few words about the breeder himself, the founder of the breed. Edward Corthals was a hunter and dog lover, and, like many before and after him, strove to develop a breed that would correspond to his ideas about the ideal hunting dog.

Coarse coat, strong constitution, excellent hunting qualities, instincts, as well as great devotion to the owner, intelligence, learning ability and endurance – all this had to combine in a new breed. Korthals spent several years to achieve success and obtain dogs that would be completely consistent with his idea. In fact, at that moment he had already established a nursery, calling it “Ipenwoud”, in Biebesheim am Rhein.

Then he brought several individuals to France, and achieved its recognition in this country. So, now there is even a small controversy, since some believe that the Griffon Corthals breed originated from France, while others, on the contrary, insist that the breed is purely German.

But, nevertheless, the first individuals were born in Germany, and they are considered the ancestors of the breed, these are dogs – Lina, Usa I and Kerida. After France, a breed club was formed in Belgium. In 1916, the wire-haired griffin was recognized in the United States, but, interestingly, in 1887 the first dog of this breed was already registered in the United States, it was a bitch named Zolett. True, then she was registered as a “Russian Setter”, since no one in the country knew this new breed.

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They are medium-sized dogs, strong built, muscular. The limbs are of medium length and the ears are drooping. The tail is short, the coat is of medium length, hard, curly.


Griffon Cortalsa is a dog extremely loyal to its owner, and it is natural for her to spend most of her time with him. On the other hand, these are very intelligent and noble animals, therefore, a dog can easily live without a master for 8 hours during the day, when he is at work or study. However, it will be necessary to devote time to your pet, and, moreover, the development should be versatile.

If you think that you can walk your dog for 15 minutes in the morning, and about the same in the evening, this is completely wrong. The breed has a high level of energy, an inquisitive and inquisitive mind, and therefore needs not only various types of activity to keep the physical body in good shape, but also intellectual stimulation. Otherwise, your pet will simply be bored.

Of course, the best place to keep a dog of this breed is a private house, which has its own yard, garden, lawn. Then your pet will be able to be outdoors, run and generally spend time actively. However, he must sleep in the house, together with the owner (we do not mean – in the same bed).

Griffon Korthalsa perfectly teaches teams, and in general is very disposed to learning, thanks to which he perfectly understands a person. Has a wonderful memory. The breed perceives unfamiliar people without aggression, but with caution. Although, in general, these pets are friendly to humans. They have hunting instincts, which is quite natural, because they were created in order to participate in hunting, primarily for a bird. They accept children well, love to play with them and have fun.

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Common diseases

Griffon Cortalsa is a very healthy and hardy dog, with excellent immunity, which rarely gets sick. Some may have hip dysplasia.

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