This is how you create harmony in the mini pack
A couple, two dogs

Group or pack?

When several dogs have to get along

A pack is a grown community that practically shares table and bed with each other: You eat together, you sleep together, you defend territory and property together against non-pack members.

There is order in the pack

Within the pack there is a clear pack order: With bitches, age plays a decisive role, with males also physical strength and assertiveness. A pack can adopt strangers, and the easiest way to do this is when the stranger willingly fits into the pack order. A pack can also temporarily join forces with other packs to hunt or go for a walk together. But such walking communities are not packs.

The responsibility is yours

Whether and when a pack gets which visit is decided by the old animals – i.e. the human – and the helpers (dogs) have to accept this, even if a pack meets with another pack for a joint excursion. That doesn’t mean that a new pack ranking has to be fought out right away. Just give your dog the safe feeling that he belongs to you, to your pack. Make it clear to him that your walking and visiting pack – despite all the closeness – consists of two separate packs: But also make it clear to him that you have the say in your pack, that you determine who you meet and where You meet him and that he has to abstain from any comment.

(Text: Gudrun Beckmann)

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