Symptom insufficiency of the mitral valves
Disease picture DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy)

Heart failure disease


Heart failure is a clinical collective term for the fact that the heart is only able to perform to a limited extent. This can have different causes.

Disease origin and development

Deviations in one or more of the following factors, such as preload, afterload, heart rate, contractility, expandability, and ventricular synchrony, can lead to heart failure. The insufficiency can either relate to one part of the heart or to both. As a result, congestion occurs in the bloodstream. This affects the maintenance of organ functions, which is particularly noticeable in the liver, kidneys, stomach / intestines and brain.

Clinical picture – symptoms

The dog is less productive and tired much faster on walks. It can also cause coughing and difficulty breathing. In such a case, you should not hesitate long and consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.


Since a heart condition is unfortunately not curable, the dog must be treated for life. With early detection, however, the progression of the disease can be stopped.


Since around every tenth dog, and every fourth dog from the age of seven, suffers from a heart defect, it is advisable to go to the vet for an early diagnosis check. With this you can quickly find out whether your dog belongs to the risk group.

DCM Heart Failure Mitral Valve Insufficiency Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency

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