Eye injuries in dogs
Respiratory arrest in the dog

Herniated disc in dogs

Who gets sick?

Dachshunds and other short-legged, chondrodystrophic breeds are particularly affected because their short-leggedness is based on a connective tissue defect that also affects the intervertebral discs. In principle, however, other races can also become ill.

How do you recognize it?

In severe cases, the animals suddenly refuse to move, can no longer stand and cry out loudly when you want to carry them. The first sign is often a hunched back.

What should I do?

In the event of an acute occurrence, the dog must be taken to the vet immediately to prevent permanent paralysis. To avoid additional damage, the dog should be transported as gently as possible, preferably on a board or in a towel carried by two people.

How can you prevent?

Dachshunds should not be exposed to strong spinal loads such as climbing stairs. Rehabilitation measures are useful after an incident. When buying a pedigree one should already pay attention to enough “ground clearance”.

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