How to choose a Chihuahua

Choosing a four-legged friend is not an easy task, especially when it comes to decorative Chihuahua babies. Cute and funny, they, however, have their own characteristics that an ignorant person may not know about. How to choose a Chihuahua and what you should know before your baby becomes a family member?

What are the criteria to evaluate

Obtaining a puppy, of course, is better in professional kennels, and of course, it is advisable to visit them. Choosing from many babies, you can get confused, but you should still know what a healthy Chihuahua puppy looks like:

  • in smooth-haired representatives of the breed, the coat should be smooth, with a natural sheen. In long-haired – it is thick and soft to the touch;
  • the skin must be clean; dry skin, swelling, dandruff, the presence of irritated areas – are a signal that the puppy is ill (read more about dandruff in dogs);
  • the eyes of puppies of this breed should be moist, their excessive dryness or increased lacrimation should be alarming;
  • the ears should be clean, there should be no discharge from the auricles or nasal passages;
  • the puppy’s limbs should be short and straight; ankles are located at some distance; to make sure that there are no pathologies, it is necessary to carefully feel the paws in the joint area;
  • it is worth paying attention to the baby’s behavior – he should be playful, cheerful;
  • if the puppy has a puny build and a swollen tummy, then this is a sign of helminths;
  • if possible, it is worth evaluating the appetite of the future pet.

It is undesirable to take a puppy from a large litter, where the number of offspring exceeds 4 dogs. When there is an opportunity to look at the puppy’s parents, it is better to do it. They must look healthy. But it is worth considering that if the puppy is 2-2.5 months old, then his mother may not fully recover from childbirth and feeding, and look emaciated and with dull hair.

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If you have doubts about the state of health of the crumbs, you can ask them to measure the temperature. Normally, the indicator should be 39 ° C.

The recommended age of a puppy ready to move to a new home is 1.5-2 months. Babies under 6 weeks old have an insufficiently formed psyche, they are more acutely experiencing a change of home, and in the future there may be problems with education and training.

But an older pet can be safely taken, since they have already received the basics of education and acquired an adult exterior, which is important for a future show career.

Features of the Chihuahua breed

Experts warn that it is extremely difficult even for professionals to identify the future properties of an adult, based on puppy data. But in addition to the general characteristics, there are several characteristics that apply specifically to Chihuahua puppies. For example, you need to pay attention to the puppy’s bite. Normally, it is scissor-like: the upper teeth cover the lower ones. But the standard also allows individuals with a straight bite: when the upper and lower incisors are adjacent to each other.

Chihuahua features

But it is worth knowing that if a 6-week-old puppy has a straight bite, then with growing up it can turn into an undershot, which is a significant defect for an individual participating in exhibitions. The baby should have all milk teeth: 6 upper and 6 lower incisors, 4 canines.

In a Chihuahua boy under 6 months old, both testicles are located in the groin area. By six months, they descend into the scrotum.

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Boy or girl

Having decided on the breed, sometimes the owners are at a crossroads, should they choose a Chihuahua puppy, a girl or a boy? When choosing a female, it should be borne in mind that every 6-12 months the pet will have “special” days, and at this moment she will require special care and attention. In general, Chihuahua girls are quite clean, but still, if the dog is used to sleeping on the owners’ bed, these days it is better to dress her in hygienic panties.

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In addition, if the girl does not go to the tray, but to the street, during this period she will attract dogs of the opposite sex. You can exclude walking for this time or transfer them to a period when there are fewer dogs on the street. In principle, experts do not recommend decorative breeds for private breeding, as this can negatively affect the dog’s health and cause a number of difficulties.

But if you still have such a goal, then you should choose a larger female. In order for the risks of difficulties with childbirth to be lower, and mom could feed the offspring, her weight should be about 2 kg. However, this does not exclude the likelihood of a difficult birth, therefore, the expectant mother will need a specialist consultation, and in some cases, a cesarean section.

Chihuahua boy or girl

Given the size of the dog and the rapid metabolism of dwarf breeds, which makes it difficult to find the right dosage, the anesthesia used for the operation can be fatal.

What are the characteristics of Chihuahua boys? They look more solid and are ideal travel and travel companions. The character can be any, both good-natured and cocky. Actually, like with girls, it is difficult to determine in advance.

As for the search for a pair, this issue need not be touched upon if the pet does not have an exhibition career or there is no desire to do this. A dog who has not known the opposite sex will not experience any uncomfortable sensations about this.

But if the baby is an enviable groom and an excellent party, then you will have to knit him. In this case, there is a possibility that the dog will mark the boundaries of its housing during mating and do so after. You can get rid of this trouble by taking your pet out into the street more often, or by neutering it.

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As for toilet training, it is believed that girls are more intelligent in this matter, but the boy is not so difficult to train. They get used to the tray quite well, the only thing that they have their own preferences is a certain type of filler, newspaper or paper, or an empty tray. Having chosen the appropriate option, there will be no problems with coping with needs in the right place with either the male or the female.

Problems due to savings

As you know, Chihuahua crumbs are quite expensive, so many future owners are trying to cut costs by buying a pet from questionable sellers. But it is not recommended to do this, even if the purchased puppy is intended exclusively “for the soul”.

In case of financial difficulties, you should pay attention to less demanding breeds, because a Chihuahua needs expensive food, litter for a tray, special means and tools for grooming wool, and more.

The purchase of a dog without documents does not give any guarantee of its purebredity, as well as the absence of genetic and other abnormalities. And in well-known kennels only healthy, vaccinated puppies with good inclinations are offered.

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