How to make friends with a cat and houseplants

Cat eating flowers

It is a shame to miss half of the leaves on your favorite plant. But do not rush to scold the cat! She does this not out of harm, but for one of the following reasons:

Lack of trace elements

The cat cannot tell you that there are not enough vitamins in its food, but it tries to get them from plants. Some animals chew the leaves to quench their thirst.

The need for cleansing

Many plants act on the cat’s stomach as a stimulant for gagging. This allows the pet to get rid of hairballs and parasites.

Boredom and need to move

If the cat is often alone, it can “designate” the plant as its playmate or desired prey. And leaves rustling in the wind or hanging shoots make even not the most active pets jump off the couch.


Perhaps the cat is not interested in greens by itself. The need to constantly chew on something can be a sign of stress. In some cases, excessive licking and constant meowing join it.

What to do. Check if there are plants in the house that are dangerous to cats. If your pet has already tried any of them, contact your veterinarian immediately. The doctor will also help to find out the reason why the cat began to eat plants, and give recommendations – for example, introduce vitamins into the diet or choose a balanced food. If you do not want to deprive your pet of the opportunity to crunch, organize her own “plantation”. In pet stores, you can find sets of seeds for wheat, oats, rye and other herbs – most likely, they will interest the cat more than flowers. To scare an animal away from a particular plant, spray the leaves with citrus water (squeeze a lemon or orange into a bottle).

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Cat digs up pots

It happens that the pet is not at all interested in plants – but as a result of “undermining” they do not leave either tops or roots. Here are some of the things a cat can do with the ground:

Satisfy instincts

Wild cats dig into the ground when hiding prey or marking territory. Such desires periodically attack pets too – do not be surprised if you find something tasty in the pot.

Get Minerals

Some cats are able to eat a tablespoon of soil in one go – but this is not good. So animals try to make up for the deficiency of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium.


On the street, a cat can dig a hole to play, and at home, pots are quite suitable for this purpose. If the pet also smelled the smell of some bug – be hunting.

What to do. Visit your veterinarian for a balanced diet and keep your cat physically active. Rocks, shells, or bark can be placed in pots on top of the ground, and circles with holes for flowers can be cut out of foam or plywood. Placed in a pot, citrus peels will also help – but they will have to be updated regularly.

Cat confuses pot and tray

Perhaps this feline habit does not harm the plants – but it certainly does not please the owners. This is why a pet can relieve the need for flower shade:


The soil for plants itself resembles cat droppings, besides it is convenient to bury “production waste” in it. If the kitten appreciates such natural conditions, it will be much more difficult to accustom him to the litter box.

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The litter box you choose may not be the right size for your cat, or it might be in an area that it would like to avoid, such as near a noisy washing machine.


Yes, yes, a cat can relieve itself next to flowers for this very reason. Once you find her at a crime scene, check if the tray was clean enough?

What to do. If the cat has ever used a flower pot instead of a tray, you will have to completely replace the soil – otherwise the pet will return to smell. Make sure the tray is in a suitable location and cleaned regularly. If your cat avoids it even when perfectly clean, try a different litter or replace the litter box.

Take care of your pets – both green and fluffy!

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