How to stop a dog from chewing on things: reasons and advice

It is not difficult to have a pet, it is much more difficult to educate him and calmly react to all sorts of pranks. After all, first of all, a puppy is a child, curious and mischievous. Like ordinary children, he gets to know this world, trying everything “by the teeth”. Even the most disciplined and calm kids, no, no, yes, they will encroach on the master’s things. How to wean a dog from gnawing things and what to do if a puppy, already the size of its parents, has not abandoned its methods of learning about the world?

Why does the puppy chew on things?

Curiosity… No matter how much you explain to the kid that it is impossible to gnaw on boots, while making a stern face, he will still do it periodically for up to three months. Therefore, it is better to remove shoes and things that attract the attention of a new pet away, but be sure to offer the puppy an alternative – special toys for dogs, old shoes, a large bone (brain), carrots, etc. This will be enough to distract the puppy, cheer him up and satisfy his need for “cognitive” activity.

Change of teeth… It should be borne in mind that milk teeth in dogs erupt early enough, and their change begins as early as 3-4 months. During this time, the puppies just need to chew on something hard. Although the grown-up kid already manages to learn certain rules of behavior and prohibitions, he cannot always resist natural instincts.

Cool legs of furniture, heels, things left in the wrong place are too great a temptation for him. To help your pet and yourself through a difficult period, you can purchase a special device for massaging the gums at pet stores. These can be rubber toys, silicone brushes, bones made of special harmless materials, balls. An ordinary large bone may also work, which the baby will not be able to chew.

Boredom… Another reason why the puppy starts spoiling things is banal boredom. Maximum attention is able to correct the current situation. You should not think that toys alone are enough, it is important for the baby to feel that he is loved, and that there are no reasons for frustration (“damage to the master’s things”).

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During the games, the educational process also takes place. The puppy learns that it is forbidden to gnaw, and what it is possible, learns that it is forbidden to bite the owner, even in the game process (especially for representatives of large and giant breeds).

Dog gnaws things

Experts warn that wires and household appliances are especially dangerous for small pets. You should limit the baby’s access to them as much as possible, otherwise not only injury, but also the death of the animal is possible.

If the puppy is brought up properly, then by 5 months his craving for spoiling things weakens and fades away. A relapse of this behavior can manifest itself at the next critical moment – when puberty occurs. Many dogs at this time can protest against loneliness, and sometimes, unable to cope with the excess of hormones, they destroy the person’s home in order to throw out excess energy.

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Why does an adult dog gnaw things

If this behavior of a puppy has an explanation based on physiological characteristics, then such actions of adult dogs are sometimes confusing. Until recently, the pet was docile and understanding, and suddenly – chewed a shoe or ruined the upholstery of the chair …

Fighting, sled breeds… Here, owners can expect significant destruction. In most cases, we are talking about a stressful situation when the pet cannot tolerate loneliness. And in a similar way notifies its owners about it.

Dogs are prone to such behavioral features, needing not only attention, but also physical, emotional and mental stress. Many hunting, fighting, hound breeds require daily runs, games, and training. Not getting what they want, the dogs entertain themselves. You can avoid this behavior by walking with your pet for an hour and a half in the morning and evening. Moreover, idle wandering around the park will not work here. It is necessary to play with the pet, using the inventory, more often look at special areas. If you have a habit of jogging in the morning, then this is a great activity for the dog.Damaging things by adult pets

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Companion dogs… Companion dogs with a choleric temperament need daily communication. It is important for them to participate in the life of the family, otherwise they are able to harm, and sometimes in a big way. Therefore, one should not push the pet away from the gathering places of the family, close one in the room. Such dogs are happy to accompany the family on trips, on picnics, and on any outings. If possible, do not deprive your pet of this kind of pleasures, as dogs are able to recognize charges for rest and are very offended when staying at home. And not everything always ends harmlessly for the home.

Dwarf breeds… Representatives of dwarf decorative breeds have a subtle psyche. They can experience any, even minor stress, fright, gnaw on some little thing solely out of despair. Veterinarians warn that such breeds are not very suitable for families with small children, as often small pets are jealous. They may also feel uncomfortable while living in a house where there are many noisy children. Running and screaming can not only cause stress, but also heart attack. Small dogs need affection and anxious attitude.

In addition, loneliness can overtake a pet of any breed. If suddenly the dog starts to turn over the bowl of water, tore up the newspaper or the corner of the wallpaper that has fallen to the floor, then it’s time to change your attitude towards your pet. Spending time together will improve the mood of the animal.

But there are other situations where an event has occurred that can cause stress and depressive mood in dogs. Moving, changing owners, renovating, leaving owners, new pets in the house are the most common causes of nervous disorders in dogs. If the pet destroys the litter, tears packages, paper with aggression, and does it demonstratively, in front of the owners, it is worth showing the pet to the veterinarian, who will prescribe drugs with a sedative effect.

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How to stop a dog from chewing on things

  1. Buy toys or bone… So that the pet does not get bored, you need to leave him toys, bones, cunning devices with treats inside. You can make such things yourself or purchase at a pet store.
  2. Walk the dog… Before being left alone, the pet needs to take a good walk. Walking should last 1-2 hours and be accompanied by physical activity of the animal. After the dog gets tired, it will need a long sleep, and it will not even remember its loneliness.
  3. Buy spray… To protect items from dog attacks, you can buy special compounds, preferably in the form of a spray, and process things. They have a bitter taste and unpleasant odor, which noticeably reduces the pet’s interest. As home remedies for treatment, you can use a solution of Levomycetin. These are cheap, bitter pills with antibacterial properties. In addition, they have a specific smell that does not attract a dog. In most cases, it is enough to treat the surfaces once to discourage the pet from spoiling things.
  4. Prepare your puppy for your absence. The owner may not always be near the pet, so you need to prepare the animal for its absence. If you want the animal’s psyche not to suffer, you need to lock it in another room for 15-20 minutes every day. At the same time, try to leave the dog something with which to play or chew, so that your absence is something good for the pet. You can turn on the TV in the background.
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Some owners naively believe that if they have two dogs, they will not be bored and they will not be bored. Of course, two people are more fun, but the results of such fun can be even more destructive than the longing of one favorite.

Know if the dog chews on things – the owner is to blame. After all, starting a pet, you should take into account its needs, breed characteristics and character. In addition, you should be prepared to pamper your little puppy. A dog is not only a devoted creature, but also a family member in need of care and guidance.

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