How to teach a dog the Seal trick

The Seal trick is that the dog sits with a piece of the treat on its nose and then tosses it into the air and eats it. We recommend using a treat that does not stick to wool and that can be cut into cubes, such as boiled carrots or cheese.

The trick is taught in two stages: the first stage is training the dog to keep the treat on the nose, the second stage is practicing the ability to catch the treat.

Teaching your dog to balance with cheese on the nose

Prepare a few slices of cheese or other treats ahead of time. Command “Sit”, then “Freeze!” and gently pinch the dog’s face. Stay in this position for 5 seconds, then remove your hand and praise the pet. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times and take a break.

How to teach a dog the Seal trick
Slightly pinch the dog’s mouth

After a while, move on to the next step. Command “Freeze” and place a piece of cheese on the dog’s nose. If the pet twists its head, squeeze its face again and make it sit still for 5 seconds. Then remove your hand, say “Yes,” and take a piece of cheese from your nose and praise.

Give a treat only if the dog keeps balance well. Also keep in mind that you need to reward the dog not with the piece that she was holding, but with another… Repeat the exercise several times and let the animal rest.

How to teach a dog the Seal trick
Teaching your dog to keep balance

Continue this step until the dog is calmly balancing as minimum 15 seconds.

Teaching your dog to catch a treat

Give the command “Freeze” to the dog, put the treat on the nose and wait a few seconds. Then say “Yes,” and drop the cheese from the dog’s nose into his mouth. So you let her know that she can eat the treat that is on her nose.

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How to teach a dog the Seal trick
Helping your dog eat a bite from the nose

Get the dog to balance for different periods of time (5 to 15 seconds) until you say “Yes” and help him eat the cheese. Thus, she will learn to eat a treat only at your command. Over time, having heard “You can”, the pet will no longer wait for your help, but will independently dump the cheese from the nose.

How to teach a dog the Seal trick
The dog holds a piece on the nose

The completed exercise looks like this: you put cheese on the dog’s nose, say “Freeze”, take a few steps back, wait a little and command “You can.” If your pet throws off and catches a treat on its own, praise it.

Some animals instead of catching a treat in the air, they wait for it to land on the floor. To stop this behavior, do the following: every time the cheese is on the ground, quickly cover it with your palm and pick it up. After several unsuccessful attempts, the pet will understand that it is necessary to grab a piece on the fly. Practice the exercise several times with breaks and achieve the perfect trick.

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