How to teach a dog to “walk” another dog on a leash

If you have two dogs, you can amuse your neighbors by teaching one dog to walk the other on a leash. This exercise looks especially interesting when a large dog is walking a small one.

For clarity, let’s introduce two fictional dogs: Richie and Jack… Richie will be the leader and Jack will be the one being led on a leash.

Practicing walking nearby

First of all, it is necessary to teach both dogs to walk side by side. When this skill is practiced, take two leashes and attach the animals to them. It is better to use exactly two separate leashes, and not a bundle, because this way you can influence each pet separately. The dog that will later hold the leash (Richie) should walk closer to your leg. Practice walking with two animals at the same time.

When practicing with two dogs, it is a good idea to call each one by name when giving a command such as “Jack, sit”. At the same time, the second animal should not react to the command.

Teaching the “lead” dog to carry a leash

Next, you need to work out the “Aport” command with Richie. Give Richie a leash and say Hold. There is no need to strap on Jack at this point, but you must hold the leash on the other side and pull it slightly to the side. Most dogs, when pulling on the leash, immediately spit it out. In this case, it is recommended to practice this exercise – hang a small weight on the leash, then tell Richie to bring the leash. Move on to the next stage only when Richie learns to cope with this task flawlessly.

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Teaching one dog to lead another

Now you need to teach Jack to go next to Richie. Order both dogs to walk beside you, while unhooking Richie from the leash and leaving Jack strapped in. Stretch the leash to which Jack is attached to Richie and command “Hold”. Walk the dogs a few steps, then command Richie “Give”, take the leash and give them some praise.

Trick options

  • Tell both dogs to “Sit”. Give the leash to Richie, and give Jack the command “Place” or “Stop”. Order Richie to come to you or order him to bring Jack to another person.

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