How to teach your dog parkour

Now you can find many videos with amazing parkour tricks. Even people far from this movement and an active lifestyle in general cannot admire the dexterity and agility of these guys.

But parkour looks spectacular not only for people, but also for our four-legged friends. There are many dogs in the world who adore such activities and easily cope with even the most difficult tricks.

In today’s article, we’ll cover two basic exercises to get you started with dog parkour:

  • Bounce off the wall
  • Jumping on objects with a small area

Always be safe when doing these exercises. If you have an overweight dog or if your dog has health problems, do not start training.

Bounce off the wall

There are several ways to teach your dog this exercise. In the first version for training you need plywood and a few bricks (Note that the plywood must not be smooth or the dog will slide off). Take a brick and place plywood on top of it as shown in the picture. To prevent the structure from swaying and collapsing, you can put a few more bricks under the board next to the first one, or ask someone to firmly hold the plywood while the dog walks on it.

How to teach your dog parkour

After you have built the structure and are convinced of its strength, take a treat and bring it to the dog’s nose. Next, command “Wall!” and holding an encouragement in his hand, slowly guide the dog along the trajectory along the plywoodindicated in the figure. If the dog did everything right, at the end of the path, praise him and give him the treat. Repeat this exercise several times and get the dog to learn to walk on the desired trajectory without your help.

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How to teach your dog parkour

When your pet learns to perfectly perform the described exercise, then you can proceed to the next steps. Start putting more bricks under the plywood, gradually increasing the angle of inclination and eventually bringing it to 80-90 degrees (see figure below). But remember that you cannot move to the next position until the dog has learned to perfectly pass the current one.

How to teach your dog parkour

Those who do not have plywood and bricks can use the second method of training.

What is required for him? Knowledge of the “Barrier” command and a tree with a wide trunk and uneven bark that will prevent the dog from slipping.

Press against the tree so that there is very little space between the leg and the trunk (see picture). Make the dog jump through this hole and make sure it touches the tree. If there was a touch, then praise her and give the treat, if not, repeat until she touches. Repeat the exercise several times and always make sure that there is a touch.

How to teach your dog parkour

When the dog understands what is required of him, enter the command “Wall!”, As well as a gesture (for example, point at a tree with your hand).

Over time, stop using your leg and have the dog bounce off the tree on its own by voice command and gesture.

Jumping on objects with a small area

We wrote about how to teach a dog to jump onto objects in one of the previous articles. If your dog is already familiar with the described trick, then it will not be difficult for him to perform this exercise too.

Teaching the dog to jump and stay on objects with a small area is not difficult at all if you act in stages. Take a few bricks (or other items with a non-slip surface) and lay them out in such a way that you get a field with a fairly large area. Use a treat to make your dog climb the bricks. Give the treat only when the dog stands on the bricks with all 4 paws. Repeat the exercise several times.

How to teach your dog parkour

When the dog understands the principle, begin to complicate the trick, gradually removing one brick at a time (see picture). Make sure the dog can stand with all 4 paws on the same brick.

How to teach your dog parkour

Remember not to move on to the next step if the dog has not achieved excellent results in the current one. If something does not work out, go back one stage and re-work the difficult moments.

Exercises to develop paw agility

  • Instruct your dog to walk over a wooden beam. If she is afraid, first lower the beam to the ground, and then gradually raise it by placing bricks.
  • Teach your dog to enjoy jumping up large rocks and fallen trees in the park.
  • Teach your dog to stand with its paws on objects of different heights. For experienced dogs, they can even wiggle, but still remain 100% safe.
  • Tell your dog to jump onto a lying barrel and balance on it. Support the dog first. Small dogs can be trained to walk on a spinning barrel.

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