How to teach your dog the high ten trick

The “High Ten” trick is that you raise your left and right hands with your palms towards the dog, and he should touch both palms at the same time. A prerequisite for successfully mastering this trick is a good knowledge of the High-Five and Serve commands. So, let’s look at the learning process in stages.

The first thing to do is teach the dog to touch both palms alternately and distinguish between hands by voice command… For example, if you use your right palm for the High Five command, then use another command for the left palm, “Give Your Hand”.

How to teach your dog the high ten trick
The dog gives five

First, exercise with the paw on the same side of the arm that you are extending, otherwise the dog will become entangled. I.e on the command “High five” the dog should extend its left paw, and on the command “Give a hand” the right… Sit in front of the dog and practice High-Five and High-Hand. Encourage your pet only when it gives the right paw. It is worth moving to the next stage of training only after the dog learns to accurately give five on both sides.

Further try raising both palmsso that the dog touches them at the same time.

How to teach your dog the high ten trick
The dog gives ten

Most likely, the pet will be at a loss, since before that he used only one paw. To help your dog master the trick, praise and reward him for the slightest movement of his paws, even if he is not yet touching your palms. Practice the exercise until the dog begins to do everything right.

Trick options

  • If you have a large to medium sized dog that loves to jump, then practice “High ten” with him in the jump. The exercise consists in the fact that you stand in front of the dog with outstretched palms, and she jumps up and hits them with her paws. To teach your pet this trick, just gradually increase the height of the palms. First, practice the exercise when you are sitting, then, standing up slightly, and at the very end – from a standing position. Reward your pet for the correct actions and do not go to new heights until the dog has learned to perform the exercise on the current one.

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