How to teach your dog the Ring of Fire trick

Jumping over the “ring of fire” is a rather spectacular circus trick that will definitely delight the audience. Of course, we will not set anything on fire, but instead we will take regular hula hoop and several sheets of colored paper

How to teach your dog the Ring of Fire trick

Cut the paper into strips 3-4 cm wide and 30-50 cm long and glue them onto the hoop. First attach only a few strips of paperso that the dog gets used to the new sensations and noise during the jump.

How to teach your dog the Ring of Fire trick

Take the resulting “fire” ring and command “Barrier”. Praise your pet if he did everything right. Repeat the exercise several times, gradually increasing the number and length of paper strips.

In the final version of the exercise, the hoop should be hung with stripes from the top to the very bottom.

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to jump through a fully paper-wrapped hoop. To do this, take several already cut strips and glue not only the top, but also the bottom edge of the paper to the hoop. Make the dog jump through the stripes by tearing them apart. Then add more and more strips until they cover the entire hoop. The next step is wider strips (5-15 cm each), and finally – a single sheet of paper that covers the entire hoop.
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