How to teach your dog the Snake command

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How to teach your dog the Snake command

In this lesson we will show you how to teach your dog the command “Snake”. This trick consists in the fact that the trainer moves forward, and the dog meanders between his legs at this time. “Snake” is a fairly simple exercise, and if your pet is already familiar with the “Eight” trick, then it will not be difficult to teach him a new command.

Before training, prepare more treats and take them in both hands at once, so that when the dog comes out on the right side, give it on the right hand, and when on the left side – on the left hand.

The training itself is structured as follows: command “Beside” or use a treat to get the dog to take the starting position at the left foot.

How to teach your dog the Snake command
Dog in the “Near” position

Then take a step forward with your right foot and remain in this position. Lower your right hand with the treat between the formed passage between the legs and bring it to the dog’s nose. Then slowly begin to lead the treat to the right, forcing the dog to pass between the legs. Once the pet has done everything right, praise and treat him.

How to teach your dog the Snake command
Taking the first step

After the dog is on the right side, step forward with your left foot, lower your left arm and again use a treat to guide the dog between the legs. Praise your pet and give it a tasty morsel.

How to teach your dog the Snake command
We continue to move with a snake

At the first stages of learning the command “Snake” try not to move your legs too quicklyand also do not force the dog to walk more than 5 steps non-stop (in the future, you can force to walk up to 10 steps at a time).

When the dog understands the essence of the exercise, start typing the voice command “Snake” and give the treat not for each step, but arbitrarily – through the first, third, fourth, sixth. This will keep the dog interested in the exercise and keep moving to get more treats.

Dogs usually learn this trick very quickly. Over time, it is enough to put your right leg forward, say “Snake”, and the pet, without any help, with its hands on your side, will begin to wiggle between the legs.

Video “How to teach a dog to snake”

Variants of the command “Snake”

  • Run slowly in a circle, and order the dog to do a “snake” at this time. Control your movements so as not to stumble over the animal.
  • Finish the exercise periodically with the command “Beside”, forcing the dog to run to your left.
  • Teach your dog to describe the noose at the command “Eight” when you stand with your feet hip-width apart.

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