How to teach your dog to bring slippers

If you want to channel your pet’s energy in a useful direction or set out to surprise guests, try to practice the skill of retrieving specific items. It should be said right away that not all dogs like to bring things. If your pet is not enthusiastic about this activity, then you will need a lot of time and effort to train him. However, the effort spent will certainly pay off, because the Aport team will come in handy both for fun tricks and for life situations. So, in today’s article we will talk about how to teach a dog to bring slippers.

For a pet to learn how to wear slippers, you need to divide the training into two parts:

  • Assortment. First, the dog should be taught the command “Aport”, according to which it will bring the thrown object.
  • Learning the skill to recognize the owner’s shoes. The animal remembers the name of the object and brings the desired thing.

Teaching your dog to bring items

A prerequisite for the successful execution of the slipper trick is the dog’s ability to bring objects on the command “Aport”. Assorting differs from the usual stick game in that the pet performs all actions on command.

For training, it is better to choose an object unfamiliar to the dog, but such that it would be pleasant for her to take it in the mouth. For most dogs, even rolled paper will work – it is soft and lightweight and can usually be carried by dogs without any problems. Decide on the subject and do not change it until your student has mastered all the stages of learning.

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How to teach your dog to bring slippers

If you want, you can buy a special dumbbell for retrieving from the pet store, but it is only for animals with strong jaws.

Step-by-step handling training

  • Step 1: The first step is to train the dog to pick up the object in the teeth. Take an object and shake it like a toy to keep your pet interested. When your dog wants to grab a thing, let him do it. If your pet works without enthusiasm, help him to hold the object by holding the lower jaw. Praise and repeat “Aport” in a calm voice.

How to teach your dog to bring slippers

  • Step 2: At this stage, try to reduce hand assistance and get the dog to hold the object on its own. If she spits out the thing as soon as you take your hand away, just put the object back in her mouth and praise while she holds it. When the dog learns to hold the object for at least 30 seconds, you can move on to the next step.

How to teach your dog to bring slippers

  • Step 3: Take the dog on a leash, say “Sit”, give it an object and step back a few steps. Then command “To me” or pull up slightly with a leash. Usually at this point, dogs throw the object, so during the first attempts it is better to again support the dog by the lower jaw. When the pet comes up to you, say “Sit” and wait a couple of seconds. Then command “Give”, take the item and actively praise the animal. Repeat the exercise several times.

How to teach your dog to bring slippers

  • Step 4: At this stage, the dog should be doing the exercise without a leash or supporting hand. Say “Sit”, “Aport” and give the dog the thing. Step back 1-2 meters and call her to you, repeating “Aport, aport”. If the dog spits out an object along the way, put it in its mouth again and finish the exercise. Repeat until the pet learns to do everything without mistakes.

  • Step 5: Now you need to teach the dog to pick up an object from the ground. Many animals find this exercise difficult, so it is better to act gradually and not put the object on the floor right away. Take the books and make two stacks of them so that they are chest-high for the dog. Place the item on top of them so the dog can grab onto the middle. Bring your pet to the object and say “Aport”. The dog must pick up the item on its own. In the future, gradually remove one book at a time until the item is on the floor. When this exercise is good, send your dog to get the item when you are away.

How to teach your dog to bring slippers

If during training, in addition to praise, you use a treat, then hide it in your pocket. It is difficult for a dog to hold a thing in his mouth when they wave food in front of him.

Teaching your dog to recognize the owner’s slippers

The secret to success is that the dog must know the name of the thing… To introduce your pet to the slippers, let her smell them by repeating the word “Slippers”. Then start playing: bring the slippers to the dog’s nose and abruptly remove, not letting the grab.

How to teach your dog to bring slippers

When the animal gets excited, throw the slippers a short distance and command “Aport, slippers”. The dog must bring the object and give it on the command “Give”. When your pet does everything right, reward him. Repeat the exercise several times.

If you decide to train your dog to bring slippers, be prepared that the first few pairs of shoes are likely to be frayed during training.

When the dog learns to bring slippers in a playful way, start giving the command “Aport, slippers” outside the game… Remember to praise your pet when it does everything right.

Likewise, you can train your dog to bring other items, such as a telephone, food bowl, or TV remote control.

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