How to teach your dog to jump high up

Jumping exercises are great fun for both the dog and the trainer. However, not all animals are suitable for such tricks – if you have a bulky and unhurried dog like a Basset, then you are unlikely to achieve a graceful jump from it. Same jumping exercises are not suitable for pets with musculoskeletal disorders, elderly dogs and puppies. It is best to practice jumping with healthy and mobile animals that prefer active pastime.

The essence of the trick, which will be discussed in the article, is that the dog stands or sits in front of you and then jumps vertically upward. There are several ways to teach this trick. Check out the techniques and choose the one that works best for you.

The content of the article

  1. Simplified training option
  2. Learning using the Hop command
  3. Pointer training

Simplified training option

The first option is the simplest and does not require any additional knowledge. To teach your dog to jump high, you only need your pet’s favorite toy or a few pieces of treats. The choice of reward depends on what motivates your dog more.

Order the dog to sit and stand directly in front of it. Bring your hand with the treat to the dog’s nose and let it smell.

How to teach your dog to jump high up
Show your pet a treat

Now raise your hand up to such a height that the pet has to jump to get the piece. As soon as the dog makes a jump, lifting all four legs off the ground, give him the treat and actively praise. Repeat the exercise several times.

How to teach your dog to jump high up
Raise your hand up

If the dog does not jump, tease him – lower your hand with the treat closer to his head, and when you see that he is about to grab a piece, quickly raise your hand up.

Next, enter the voice command. To do this, say “Up” every time the dog is about to jump. Give up the treats over time, and train your dog to jump up only on a voice command.

How to teach your dog to jump high up
The dog jumps up without additional help

Learning using the Hop command

This option is suitable for those dogs that can jump over a hurdle or the handler’s leg at the command “Hop”.

Stand in front of the dog, command “Hop,” and move your hand vigorously from the bottom up. Not finding any objects suitable for jumping in the vicinity, most dogs simply jump up. When your pet does this, praise him and give him a treat. Encourage your dog first, even when it just jumps. However, in the future, make sure that she makes a full jump up.

How to teach your dog to jump high up
Encouraging the dog to jump into the air

Repeat the exercise several times and eventually replace the “Hop” command with “Up”.

Note that jumping exercises are best done in short sessions to avoid putting too much stress on the dog’s joints. This is especially true for large animals.

Pointer training

If your dog knows how to touch the pointer at the “Bump” command, as described in one of the previous lessons, then you can use this skill to teach your dog to jump upward.

Stand in front of your pet and place the tip of the pointer high above its head, so that it has to jump to reach it. Command “Bump” and reward the dog as soon as it jumps, lifting all four legs off the ground.

How to teach your dog to jump high up
We hold the pointer over the dog and command “Tyuk”

If the dog does not understand the task well, raise the pointer gradually, not immediately. First place it low over the dog’s head and teach it to touch the tip from that position. Next, raise the pointer a little higher and work out this stage. Continue raising the pointer higher and higher until you reach the desired height.

How to teach your dog to jump high up
Helping the dog to do the exercise, gradually increasing the height

When the dog understands the task and jumps up without error, replace the voice command “Tyuk” with “Up”.

Also, over time, abandon the use of the pointer and get the dog to jump up only on a voice command and an appropriate hand gesture.

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to jump rope. Take one end in your hand and tie the other to a tree. Work with coordination and timing so that the dog bounces at exactly the right moment.
  • Work out the option when the dog during the jump rests on the hip of the trainer.
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