How to teach your dog to jump over a barrier

It is not difficult to teach a dog to jump over a barrier, but such exercises are not suitable for all pets. If your dog has health problems, especially with the musculoskeletal system, then it is best not to learn this trick. It is also not recommended to jump with puppies, as their skeleton has not yet matured.

The first thing to start training with is to choose an obstacle suitable for jumping over. It is best to purchase a special barrier at the pet store, but if this is not possible, then you can build something similar with your own hands.

For example, place two stacks of books and attach a stick about 1 meter long to them. Make the stick striped like a barrier – this will make it easier for the dog to perceive the obstacle. Place the finished structure perpendicular to the wall, the wall will act as a limiter. It is best to have restraints on both sides of the barrier to avoid deflection during the jump.

How to teach your dog to jump over a barrier
Homemade barrier

At first, use only low obstacles with a height of no more than 10 cm (even if you have a large dog) so that the pet does not have a desire to walk under the object or lean on it with its paws.

After the barrier is ready, go directly to training.

Jump training step by step

First of all, decide how you will reward your dog. If your pet loves play, use a favorite toy for training. If he is more interested in food, then stock up on a treat. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the toy option.

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Take the toy and, together with the dog, move 3-4 meters away from the barrier, as it is easier for the pet to jump from a running start. Shake the toy and encourage the dog to run towards the obstacle with you (take it on a leash if necessary).

How to teach your dog to jump over a barrier
We play the dog with a toy and run to the barrier

After running up, command “Hop” and throw the toy forward in the direction of travel. Actively praise your dog when he jumps over the barrier and play with the toy a bit. Practice the exercise several times so that the pet can learn it well.

Next, put the toy at some distance from the obstacle, return with the dog to the starting point and start running. Point to the barrier with your hand and command “Hop”. When the dog jumps over, let him grab the toy and play. Repeat the exercise several times and gradually discard the toy. Use only gesture and voice command.

How to teach your dog to jump over a barrier
We put the toy on the opposite side of the barrier

To teach your dog to jump over the barrier on its own, do the following: again place the pet a few meters away from the obstacle and start running, pointing at the obstacle with your hand and saying “Hop”. When the barrier is close start to slow down smoothly… Usually the dog does not notice that you are left behind and jumps. Always praise your pet actively if it does everything right.

Repeat the exercise several times and gradually start stopping earlier. Ultimately, all you need to do is point your hand at the barrier, command “Hop,” and the dog will do the exercise on its own.

Jumping over high barriers

After the pet learns to overcome low obstacles, you can proceed to a smooth increase in height. Raise the bar 10 cm higher and work out this height, then raise it another 10 cm and further on increasing. Do not move to a new height until the pet has no problem jumping the current one. Typically, medium-sized dogs can jump over barriers up to 1 meter high.

How to teach your dog to jump over a barrier
Increasing the height of the barrier

Trick options

  • Place several barriers in a row and get the dog to overcome them.
  • If you come across a small stream while walking, ask your dog to jump over it.
  • Practice jumping over the swinging rope. Tie one end of it to a tree, and take the other in your hand. Teach your dog to time the timing and jump at the right time.
  • Teach your dog to jump over a wide variety of objects, such as over the leg.
  • Tell your dog to jump over the hoop.
  • Form a circle with both hands and tell your pet to jump over it.
  • Have the dog jump over the helper on the floor.
  • If you have a jumping dog, tell the helper to take the “Bridge” position, then command the dog “Hop”. When she is on the other side, say “Crawl” and make her crawl under the person.
  • If you have two dogs that trust each other, teach one to jump over the other. Command one dog to lie or stand and command “Hop” to the other.

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