How to teach your dog to move forward

In this lesson we will look at how to teach a dog to move away from the handler in a straight line. This is a very useful skill as it can be used to create more complex tricks and scenes.

To practice this exercise you will need a pointer aid… If you don’t have a pointer, you can use a regular ladle.

Teaching your dog to touch the pointer

Let’s start by teaching your pet to touch the tip of the pointer. To do this, take a clicker, rub the tip of the pointer with cheese and bring it to the dog. When she touches him with her nose, click and give the treat. If you don’t have a clicker, then just give the dog a bite at the moment you touch. Repeat the exercise several times and enter a command, for example, “Bale”.

How to teach your dog to move forward
The dog touches the tip of the pointer

Teaching the dog to move towards the goal

After the pet learns to perform the “Tyuk” perfectly, stick the pointer into the ground in front of you… Point at it with your hand and command “Tyuk”. Click and reward your dog when it does the right thing.

How to teach your dog to move forward
Sending the dog to the object

In the next step, increase the distance to the pointer, and also change its position in relation to the dog. Now the pointer can be located not only in front, but also on the side and behind.

When the dog is confident in the exercise, start typing the main command – “Forward”… That is, point your hand at the object and say “Go, Bump.” Gradually lower the “Bale” command and make your pet perform the exercise on a new command.

How to teach your dog to move forward
The dog independently executes the command

You can now complete the exercise completely: command “Sit”, stick the pointer at a distance of about 3 m and return to the dog. Point your hand at the object and command “Forward”.

To achieve perfect execution of the “Forward” command, it is recommended that you train daily.

We learn the directions of movement

After the basic command is learned, you can train the dog to move in the given directions – “right” and “left

To do this, stand directly in front of the dog, and place the pointer to the right (or left) of you. Then use a hand gesture and command “Forward” to send the dog to the target. Encourage her when she does everything right. If desired, you can enter additional commands for different directions.

How to teach your dog to move forward

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to execute various commands at the target, for example, “Lie down”, “Sit”, “Die”, “Turn around”, etc.
  • Change the target, and now instead of the pointer, send the dog to the chair or to the backpack.
  • While moving towards the goal, make your pet execute another command, for example, “Lie down”. Encourage and then order to keep moving.
  • Remove unnecessary things from the room and set several goals at a distance of 3-4 meters from each other so that there are no obstacles between them. Instruct the dog to alternately touch the targets by guiding it with your hand and using the Forward, Right, or Left commands.
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