How to teach your dog to spin around you

Spinning is a popular exercise that is easy for most dogs. This trick consists in the fact that at the command of the trainer, the dog begins to rotate around its axis.

To teach your dog to spin around you, take a treat in your right hand and stand in front of your pet. Next, lower the treat to the dog’s nose and holding it in this position, begin to draw a circle with your hand. The circle should be large enough so that the dog can turn around without any problems. While the dog is following your hand, say the voice command “Spin!”. As soon as the pet is full circle, praise him and give the treat. Repeat the exercise several times.

Decide in advance which direction the dog should turn and do not change direction until the end of the training.

After the dog begins to do the exercise without hesitation, move on to complication – now it should follow the hand, even when there is nothing in it. To do this, imperceptibly for the animal, shift the treat from the right hand to the left. Lower your right hand and begin to draw a circle with it, commanding “Spin”. When the dog follows the hand and completes a full turn, praise and give a treat. Practice the exercise several times and achieve perfect execution.

How to teach your dog to spin around you
Teaching the dog to follow the hand when there is no treat in it

In the future, you can remove the hand gesture and teach the dog to perform the trick only by the voice command “Spin”.

If you plan to train your dog to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise, then it is worth entering two different commands for each direction. For example, counterclockwise – “Spin”, and clockwise – “Around”.

Trick options

  • Ask the dog to perform the “Spin” command when he is in a position near (to your left).
  • Tell your dog to spin while he walks next to you.
  • Teach your dog to rotate at some distance from you. To do this, say “Stand”, “Wait”, step back 2-4 meters and command “Spin”.
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