How to teach your dog to talk

The vocal apparatus of a dog, unfortunately, is not designed for speech. However, every pet can pronounce a variety of sounds – barking, growling, howling and execute the Voice command. And a patient owner is quite capable of teaching a dog to say some words and even phrases. Best of all bobby and watchdog manages to pronounce “mom” or “yum-yum”.

To teach your dog to talk, follow the tips below.

  • Remember that not all dogs can imitate human speech. You can check if your pet is capable of learning by playing your favorite song. Sit next to your four-legged friend and start singing along. If the dog echoes you – whining, howling, barking – then it will be able to repeat some words.
  • First comes teach a dog to speak the simplest words are “mom” or “yum – yum”… Show your pet a treat and repeat “mom, mom, mom.” Try to hum this word, so dogs understand human speech better. The easiest way to teach your dog to talk is when he is hungry. Therefore, teaching words (like any training) should be done before the main feeding. As soon as the dog utters something similar to the desired sounds, praise and reward him.

  • When your pet has learned the words “mom” and “yum-yum”, move on to the next step. Ask your dog questions that he needs to answer correctly. For example, “Who loves Lyme?” (call the name of the pet). He must answer – “mom”. Or – “What does Lyme want?” – the dog should answer “yum – yum”. Of course, the owner first says the answers to his own questions. And then he already asks to repeat the four-legged friend.
  • If you have managed to teach your dog to speak, and you see that the pronunciation of words is easy for him, continue training. Choose words containing the letters a, p, y, m, d. They are the easiest to reproduce for your pet. Choose short words and phrases – “peace to the world”, “hrum – hrum”, “friend”, etc.
  • Repeat memorized words and phrases with your dog regularly. To teach your dog to speak well, train with her every day for 5-10 minutes… Also, try to talk to your pet as much as possible. Very soon you will notice that he is trying to answer your questions by recalling the words learned during training.
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