How to train your dog to walk between the legs

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How to train your dog to walk between the legs

In this lesson we will look at how to teach a dog to walk between the trainer’s legs. It should be said right away that the animal may feel uncomfortable being under you. This is due to the fact that dogs regard this situation as a physical threat from humans. If you notice that your pet is cowardly, then first of all establish a trusting relationship with him.

When running between the legs, the dog must carefully monitor changes in direction and speed to keep up with the handler.

Command the dog to “Sit” or “Stand” and stand over it with your legs wide apart. Put your hand with the treat to the dog’s nose, say “Between!” and take a couple of steps forward. If the dog follows you, praise him and give him the treat. Repeat the exercise several times.

How to train your dog to walk between the legs
Dog in starting position

While moving, do not move your hand far forward, but try to keep it close to your body.

Gradually reduce the frequency of encouragement – give the treat not after 2 steps, but after 5, and then 10 steps. Also, over time, reduce hand assistance and teach your dog to perform the trick only on a voice command.

Trick options

  • Moving in the “Between” position, walk not only in a straight line, but also make turns, describe circles. If the dog deviates, help him get into position with a treat.
  • Practice running in the Between position.
  • Command the pet “Between”, then walk a couple of steps and say “Lie down”, then continue moving again.
  • Command the dog to perform a “Turn” around your leg from the “Between” position. The pet should make a circle and stand between your legs again.

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