Hungarian greyhound (Hungarian agar)


The Hungarian greyhound is an ancient breed found in Transylvania since time immemorial, raised by the Magyars. Initially, there were at least two versions of these dogs – for commoners, and for the nobility. The variety that was found in common people was commonly referred to as farm agar. It was distinguished by its smaller size, was often used as a versatile dog, and also as a hunter for small game, especially for hares.

Unfortunately, today the smaller varieties of the Hungarian greyhound are completely extinct. The nobles used their dogs only in two directions – firstly, for hunting, and secondly, for racing a distance. When a nobleman went hunting, a dog could run 50 kilometers or more a day with him.

The Hungarian agar breed appeared in the Carpathians around the 10th century, and it is believed that it was brought from outside. Basically, researchers are inclined to believe that the Magyars brought these dogs with them when they moved to these areas, however, nothing is known about the existence of these dogs until the 10th century.

The earliest confirmation of the existence of the breed in the 10th century can be found among archaeological evidence found along the northern border of Hungary, in the Carpathians. Hungarian agar is currently recognized by various international cynological organizations.


The Hungarian Greyhound is a positive and friendly breed in all respects. These animals almost never show aggression towards a person, but only if this very person does not show aggression towards the owners of the dog. It should be remembered that the Hungarian agar has much stronger guarding instincts than other greyhounds, and these instincts can turn on without warning when danger to its family arises.

However, as a guard dog, Hungarian agar is almost never used, also for the reason that it must spend most of the time with its family. This is very important for the harmonious development and existence of the dog, since this breed needs close contact with its owners. With regard to the conditions of detention, the breed is unpretentious, it can live both in a city apartment and in a private house.

In relations with his family, the Hungarian greyhound shows great devotion and love, gets along well with children, can live with a cat or other dog. However, cats should be introduced to them at a very early age. The hunting instincts are very strong, therefore on a walk, or in the park, as well as in the forest, the dog can try to chase everything that seems to be prey to it. Including – sometimes even small dogs.

These pets have a very high energy level, so they need a lot of exercise, long walks, and running. They do not tend to bark a lot. Needs early socialization to make the character less shy and more open. In relation to strangers, Magyar Agar behaves with restraint, but without aggression or rejection.

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They are great with children, they love to spend time with them in various entertainments and games. In fact, these dogs can behave quite calmly during the day, they can even sleep during the day, however, this is purely a feature of the organism of greyhounds. If they do not get the proper amount of daily exercise, character will deteriorate, may become depressive or, on the contrary, destructive.

Common diseases

The Hungarian Greyhound breed has no complex diseases or genetic abnormalities.

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