Ideal activity for the dog – indoors and outdoors

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Ideal activity for the dog – indoors and outdoors

Play is extremely important for dogs. You can turn a simple walk into an adventure for you and your dog. But you can also turn everyday objects into toys at home. Read here which dog games you can use to inspire your dog both indoors and outdoors.

Search games for the dog

Search games put a strain on the dog’s brain. Especially when the dog has to find treats, he is immediately motivated. This game can be played in the fresh air as well as in bad weather in your own home.

Hide treats or homemade dog biscuits so the dog can’t find them right away. Then encourage your dog to find the treats. Note that your dog won’t know exactly where to look right away. So offer him a little help by showing him the direction. Once he sees the prey, you should give him boisterous praise.

Design a track search

Your dog should not be there when you are preparing for a track search. Distribute about four upturned cardboard boxes in a room, each with scent holes. Pull a train across the room, past and around the boxes with a strong smelling treat. Finally, let the trail with the hidden chunk of food end under a cardboard box.

Get your dog now and encourage him to search. If he scratches the right hiding place, he gets the food he finds as a reward. Your dog can not only track down food: it will also find objects or clothes that smell of you.

Brain games for the dog

Intelligence toys from specialist retailers are very popular with many dogs. The dog can only get the treat when it cracks a certain mechanism. Don’t assume that your dog will understand how to get his reward right from the start.

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You can also build such toys yourself: bottles, boxes and cardboard tubes are particularly suitable for this. The intelligence toy can provide fun both indoors and outdoors.


Agility games are fun for the dog

If you want to promote your dog’s mind and body at the same time, you should definitely try agility. In agility training, your dog runs through a course and jumps over various obstacles. You can design the structure yourself – either in a large living room or outside in the fresh air. Make sure, however, that the obstacles are not too high and that the tunnels you have designed yourself are not too low for your dog.

Never force your dog to exercise or he will lose interest in doing it. Climb over the obstacle yourself to animate your dog. Praise also motivates him. Agility can strengthen the bond between humans and dogs, as both have to respond to the other’s smallest signal.

Obedience for everyday life

Obedience training is ideal for consolidating familiar commands. For example, ask your dog to “sit”, “sit down” or “sit at his feet”. Reward your dog for doing a trick correctly. Combine the commands and maybe you can even teach him something new. The ideal training for the dog’s head!