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Insect bites on dogs can be dangerous

Who gets sick?

All dogs can be stung. Young, curious dogs, who are still naive to explore the world, and die-hard fly hunters are particularly at risk – they make no distinction between stinging and non-stinging insects.

How do you recognize it?

If the dog suddenly howls, licks itself violently or nibbles, an insect bite could be behind it. Check your pet for any swelling. The easiest way to recognize swelling on the face is to compare the two halves of the face. If the insect stung the throat, the dog will choke and breathe heavily, possibly coughing and drooling.

What should I do?

If there is still a stinger in the skin, carefully remove it with tweezers. Cool the stitch area with cold, damp cloths or ice packs. You can also press half an onion with the cut on the stab site – this home remedy often allows the swelling to subside. In the event of a prick in the throat, place ice packs on the outside of the pharynx and the larynx area. Go to the vet immediately because there is a risk of suffocation! This also applies if the dog shows symptoms of shortness of breath, then there could be an allergy.

How can you prevent?

Consistently prohibit your dog from snapping at flies and never leave them unattended for long periods of time.

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