Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier (Glens)


The Glen of Imal Terrier are small, very lively dogs, leading their history from Ireland. Although, strictly speaking, their ancestors were not born there – it’s just that no one has found any earlier evidence. It is believed that this breed originated from the dogs brought by the settlers. The settlers themselves appeared in Ireland due to the fact that Elizabeth I, Queen of England, issued a decree according to which, in exchange for military service, the settlers received land plots.

Subsequently, the dogs brought by the settlers were mixed with local breeds, and the result was the Glen of Imal Terrier. In fact, probably due to free crossing, many different dogs have turned out, however, one of the genetic lines seems to be very useful to people. Then they made a deliberate effort to crossbreeding so that the characteristics were preserved better, and used the resulting dogs for their intended purpose. And their purpose was very specific – hunting.

Despite their modest size, these dogs showed real miracles in the hunt, being very resourceful, cunning and courageous. With their help, people destroyed foxes, badgers, otters and got rid of various rodents, which caused a lot of trouble for the farm. After all, the settlers were directly dependent on their grain reserves, the integrity of the chicken coops and the normal flow of water and fish in the river.

In addition, the breed has shown itself to be an excellent companion and a good “live alarm” that always warns about the approach of strangers or wolves. In later times, the dog also performed somewhat unusual functions due to its stamina and tremendous amount of energy. Perhaps the most unusual use is as a living engine for a throwing machine.

The dog ran along the canvas of a moving track, which, in turn, set in motion a rotating mechanism. In the mechanism, on a pole, cups were fixed, where light balls were lowered with the help of a simple feeding device. The ball fell into the cup and fired from the pipe so that the person could beat it off.

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The Glen of Imal Terrier was one of the last Irish terriers to gain official recognition in Ireland – it was recognized by the Irish Kennel Club in 1933. The breed then had to wait for 42 years before the British Kennel Club gave its recognition in 1975. The last was the American Kennel Club – it recognized the breed in 1987.


They are small dogs with a round head, mustache, small folded ears and a muscular build. The chest and abdominal cavity are pronounced, the limbs are proportional, the tail is short, pulled up, the coat is of medium length. The color can be wheat, blue, brindle.


The Glen of Imal Terrier is a very cheerful and friendly dog, completely devoted to his family. He is active, smart and does not like to sit idle for a long time, his whole nature requires action. When he wants to go for a walk, he runs up to you and you can clearly read on his face – “There is no time to explain – get ready!”

It is ideal for a person who loves morning jogging, as they will be immensely happy to do it together. If you do not have such a hobby, you definitely need to provide your pet with the proper level of activity – walking for at least an hour a day, physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, active games, etc.

If the dog does not properly implement its energy, does not get enough physical activity, it will be sad, and in your absence, its character can be destructive. Of course, she is not capable of causing great damage to the apartment, simply because of her small size, however, gnawing the legs of furniture, shoes is quite.

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The Glen of Imal Terrier loves its people very much, and it is not recommended to leave him alone for a long time, and you should also not deprive your pet of attention. If you live in the private sector, the Glen Imal Terrier will definitely defend its territory, and react aggressively to any dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat appears within reach – behind the fence. It will be the same with strangers.

Another feature is inadequate awareness of its size, since your pet can come to your defense without hesitation, and also will not retreat in a fight with a dog of much larger size. So, you need to be on the lookout when you go for a walk in a park where there are other dogs, letting your terrier off the leash.

In addition, keep in mind that the Glen of Imal Terrier breed has strong hunting instincts, and will certainly chase cats and small animals, and will certainly dig a wormhole. In general, their instinct to dig is quite strong. So your flower beds, garden beds and perfect, mowed lawn are at risk.

Early socialization and acquaintance with other dogs, as well as with other people, is recommended, which will help to make the character more harmonious, open and less wary of strangers and pets. The situation with cats is as follows – if you want them to get along together, you need to introduce them at a very early age, but on the street, all other cats can still be hunted. Although not always.

They are friends with children, they love to play together. But the child needs to be taught the correct handling of the animal, since the breed has a limit of patience and is not suitable for the role of a nanny. The desire to give voice on the one hand cannot be called excessive, but if the dog sees that this attracts the attention of a loved one, especially if he encourages it to do so, it will start barking without stopping at everything around.

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There are usually no problems with upbringing, since high intelligence and the need to get food for the mind, as well as innate obedience and the desire to be at the same time with your master, are your allies. However, working with the Glen of Imal Terrier breed has its own subtleties. In particular, dogs do not tolerate long, repetitive workouts.

If you see that your pet began to look around with a bored look, his attention is scattered, he begins to sniff the ground, catch extraneous sounds and smells, it’s time to bring some play and variety. Be patient, have a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Of course, pockets full of goodies are also a good idea. By the way, when working with this breed, it is recommended that the first thing, among other things, to teach the animal to be silent on command.


You need to comb the dog out about 2 times a week or if necessary, bathe – at least once a week. The ears are cleaned 2-3 times a week, the eyes are cleaned daily. The nails are trimmed about 3 times a month. By the way, the Glen of Imal Terrier has a good metabolism and excellent appetite, therefore, you need to control his diet, as he can eat a lot, which in the long term will lead to weight gain.

Common diseases

A dog of the Glen of Imal Terrier breed is in good health, and almost does not get sick, but here are a few diseases that still occur:

  • dysplasia of the hip joint;
  • dysplasia of the elbow joint;
  • thrombopathy;
  • progressive retinal atrophy.

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