Irish wolfhound

general characteristics

Irish wolfhounds are called “gentlemen of the canine world” for their noble manners, imperturbable character and intelligence. And this is just a small part of the merits of this magnificent dog. Despite its frightening size, the wolfhound is not aggressive, and the offenders are inclined only to keep under control, without causing harm. This is, without a doubt, a family dog ​​- devoted, loving, gentle, flourishing in the company of people.

With its calm dog image, the Irish Wolfhound can nevertheless become enraged when attacked. This dog is very smart and self-confident. Early education is highly desirable, which requires a firm, but affectionate hand – the Irish wolfhound suffers deeply and experiences with rough and cruel treatment. The wolfhound is a dog with good working qualities, but it is not recommended to instill in it protective skills.


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Breed characteristics:

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– Intelligent and generous
– Patient and calm, gets along well with children
– Very large and strong


Height: 76-86.5 cm
Age: about 10-11 years old
Weight: 50-72 kg

The wolfhound will get along well with cats, rabbits and other pets.


“Gentle – in response to affection, terrible – in response to a challenge” – the inscription on the armor of the Irish warrior knights under the image of a wolfhound. This dog breed is suitable for experienced dog breeders.

Hair care

Coarse, medium-length coat requires regular brushing.

Conditions of detention

Due to its large size, the Irish wolfhound is difficult not only to keep in the apartment, but also to imagine it in it. This is a dog exclusively for
a country house or countryside.


The Irish wolfhound puppy grows very quickly, so it will need a balanced diet and limited physical activity until it is 2 years old (until that time, a wolfhound is considered a puppy). Adult dogs require long walks and the ability to run in the wild.

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