Jack Russell Terrier


The Jack Russell Terrier breed originates from an earlier breed – the Parson Russell Terrier, which was bred by the priest Parson Russell. The Parson Russell Terrier was created for hunting foxes and badgers, however, some dog breeders and hunters came up with the idea to slightly improve the breed.

To this end, the original Parson Russell Terriers were crossed with Dachshunds and Welsh Corgi, resulting in a small, compact dog with a tougher temperament in relation to its prey. A distinctive feature was the size of the new dog – it was noticeably shorter than its predecessor, the Parson Russell Terrier, about 10 centimeters at the withers, due to the shorter legs.

Another difference is the length and structure of the coat – Jack Russell’s coat is shorter and smoother. On the plus side, a more active and harsh hunt for a badger and a fox was observed. In relation to a person, the character and specificity of behavior have hardly changed. The differences between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Parson Russell Terrier initially seemed small, and connoisseurs of the Parson Russell Terrier breed accepted a new type of dog as possible.

Everything changed when the number of these new “possible” dogs began to grow rapidly, due to gaining great popularity not only among hunters, but also among ordinary people. After all, Jack Russell Terrier is just a charming dog. For example, if you saw the well-known movie “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, you understand what it is about, because the main character had just such a dog.

Dog breeders argued for a long time – more than a dozen years. Ultimately, on June 4, 2001, the Jack Russell Terrier breed was put on the temporary list. Some world cynological organizations and dog clubs do not recognize Jack Russell Terriers as a separate breed, but consider them a kind of Parson Russell Terrier.

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The Jack Russell Terrier dog is small in size, about 25-30 cm high at the withers, has medium-length limbs, and a short, straight tail. The ears are folded on the front of the head, the muzzle is slightly elongated, the chest is clearly outlined.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a source of unlimited energy that loves its owners. They are extremely loyal to their family and love their owners infinitely. Although, initially these dogs were created and bred as hunting dogs, today they everywhere live in families as pets who have never hunted for anything other than a toy or their own tail in their lives.

A large amount of energy is not a problem – the dog is very active, loves to walk and play outdoor games in the street and at home. However, they are not very destructive, and with proper education and care, it will be the smartest and most beautiful dog in the world. Of course, if you do not need security functions, when the dog must stop the attacker and at the same time be able to inflict significant damage on him, simply due to its size and strength.

The Jack Russell Terrier cannot boast of such qualities, but on the other hand, he is a wonderful companion and best friend for the whole family. These dogs have good intelligence, understand the owner, and love to participate in family affairs. This gives the pet the feeling that he is working with you in a team, which is very important for him, because the breed was bred specifically so that these dogs could and love to hunt with others. Their intelligence can sometimes be truly surprising, especially when they realize this and use it as a tool to cheat and cheat you.

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For example, a dog may pretend to have learned a command if you don’t want to go for a walk with it. However, as soon as you go outside, she will immediately forget about the commands, and about training and everything else, and will enjoy the world around her. However, even in their cunning, they are simple and very funny. Rest assured – if you have a child, they will become best friends by default, because the Jack Russell Terrier is great for children. This breed can pursue cats, therefore it is better to introduce them to these animals at an early age.


Jack Russell Terrier is a very intelligent and understanding dog, and usually they like to communicate with the owner, feel contact with him, learn new commands and please their family. However, like all living things on the planet, the Jack Russell Terrier sometimes may not be in the mood for training. He may just want to go for a walk, and, as we said above, he may try to trick you.

In this case, a sense of humor will save – with these dogs, a sense of humor is generally highly desirable, since they are funny and funny by nature. You don’t need to put any pressure on your pet, you just need to be consistent, patient and try to make the activities varied.

As a rule, these dogs are taught basic commands, however, their comprehension and intelligence allow you to go further – it all depends on you. Many people use the Jack Russell Terrier as a companion for seniors or people with disabilities (assuming regular walks), as their dedication and combination of other positive qualities make these dogs great companions.

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The Jack Russell Terrier has a short coat, and therefore practically does not need to comb out the coat – this must be done once a week and is enough. You need to trim your nails three times a month, keep your ears and eyes clean, and bathe your dog 1-2 times a week.

Common diseases

The following diseases may occur in Jack Russell Terriers:

  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease;
  • deafness – associated with a white coat and is sometimes observed in this breed;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • glaucoma;
  • displacement of the lens of the eye.

Interesting Facts
1. The Jack Russell Terrier first appeared in the UK in the 1800s, but the breed was further developed in Australia.
2. Jack Russell Terrier named Nipper became famous in 1989 when artist Francis Barro painted a dog listening to a phonograph for his work known as His Master’s Voice. The painting was later recognized as part of the design inspiration for RCA, EMI and the HMV brand.
3. There is a Jack Russell Terrier that was at both poles. A dog named Boti earned a place in history books as the first dog to visit both poles on the Transglobal Expedition in 1982. Currently, dogs are prohibited from taking to Antarctica due to fear of transmission of disease to local animals, so the Boti dog record is likely to remain for a long time.

Did you know?
The Jack Russell Terrier breed is susceptible to sunburn, so care should be taken on hot summer days.

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