Japanese Chin

general characteristics

The Japanese Chin (also known as the Japanese Spaniel) is a small and cheerful dog. She has an excellent character and a balanced temperament. They sit quietly on your lap or sleep curled up in a chair, but they will always be happy to play or just run.


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Breed characteristics

– Independent and wayward
– The purpose of his life is to please
– Everywhere seeks for the owner


Height: 25-30 cm
Age: under 16
Weight: 1-5 kg

The dog will be happy to live in a house where there are other chins – they coexist very harmoniously and happily.


The Japanese Chin is a calm dog. They do not like rush and noise, so they are best suited for older people or families where there are no small children.

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Hair care

Their silky and smooth coat does not require much maintenance. It is enough to brush it 2-3 times a week with a soft brush, paying attention to the ears.

Conditions of detention

Japanese Chin does not require a lot of space to play, so it is suitable for keeping in an apartment.


Despite its tiny size and seeming fragility, this breed of dog is very fond of walking, and even more – jogging.

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