Nordic walking with a dog
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Jogging with the dog

Jogging with your dog – relaxation for two

Jogging with your dog is a wonderful way to relax after (or before) a busy day and at the same time to do something for your own health and to satisfy your dog’s urge to move. Your dog will usually be delighted to keep you company while jogging.

Golden rules for jogging with a dog

So that humans and dogs can enjoy jogging together and come home safely, a few basic rules should be observed:

  • For jogging with your dog, you and your dog should have the right physical conditions: For a pug, for example, such training would be animal cruelty, but a Jack Russel would not even break a sweat (figuratively, of course).
  • If you are just starting out with your dog, take it easy on jogging with your dog. It is best to have the doctor check you out beforehand and take the dog to the vet as a precaution so that he can check his suitability for jogging and other endurance sports.
  • In order for jogging with a dog to work stress-free, the dog must already have a good basic obedience. Since unleashed dogs like to run ahead when jogging with the holder, you should be able to access it from a greater distance.
  • When jogging with a dog, the command “foot” should also work safely. Your dog should stay with you if other people come towards you while you are jogging. Also, try teaching him that foot means always to your left before you go jogging your dog. When both of you know where the dog is going, you are prepared and will not trip over each other.
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When jogging together, watch out for the dog

Overall, jogging with a dog is more dangerous for the dog than for the owner. Therefore, please note the following when you go jogging with your dog:

  • Postpone jogging with your dog to the cool morning or evening hours. Because your dog tolerates heat much worse than you.
  • It is best to jog with your dog on grass, dirt roads or forest floor. Your dog can get seriously injured on concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces, e.g. burn his paws on the heated asphalt.
  • Always take enough water with you when jogging with your dog. This is just as important for the dog as it is for you.

More outdoor activities for dogs and owners

In addition to jogging with a dog, there are many other activities that keep the dog and owner fit and fun. We have put together a few ideas for you here:

  • A bike tour with a dog is a sensible form of physical activity for adult dogs with healthy joints and a lot of urge to move. Your dog will be happy to accompany you. To ensure that your trip together remains safe, read our tips before you let your dog run next to the bike.
  • Most dogs enjoy swimming. What could be nicer than plunging into the cool waters on a warm summer day. So that the day bathing together at the lake is a lot of fun for dog and owner, follow our tips for pure bathing pleasure.
  • Nordic walking is a mixture of cross-country skiing and walking. This fitness training with two sticks is a challenge for many dog ​​owners, because sticks and dog have to be kept under control at the same time. So read our tips for Nordic walking with your dog before you start.
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Note: Endurance training alone will not satisfy the dog. You should therefore also employ obedience exercises, retrieval and search games or other activities that also train the dog’s brain.