Kyi Leo

Kai Leo is a charming fluffy dog, just a miniature lion, only with a delicate and slightly vulnerable nature. A cheerful disposition and a touching appearance are combined in this kind and loving creature.


The Kai Leo dog breed is the result of crossing the Lhasa breed with the Maltese. She was bred in 1950 in San Francisco, a little later she was bred in the city of San Jose. She compiled the standard of the new breed and named it – the famous zoologist Gariette Lynn. In 1972, the breed was finally recognized. The name corresponds to the appearance of the dog-lion. Kai Leo has always been considered a prestigious breed and was popular with wealthy breeders.


Kai Leo is a rare decorative dog, but there is a noticeable trend towards its popularization. Her small stature and well-knit physique goes well with a pretty shaggy face and round expressive eyes, which are often covered with bangs. Her ears are lowered down, and the long hair is divided into wavy strands from under which you can see a small, short tail curled up.

The height at the withers in an adult varies from 20 to 30 cm, the world standard is 23-28 cm. Its coat is long and curly, most often black and white, sometimes with white or golden spots on the ears, on the eyes or on the sides. An adult dog weighs from 4 to 6 kg. The breed does not provide for any genetic diseases and almost never gets sick, the only exceptions are injuries resulting from improper handling or neglect. With good care and proper feeding, the life span of a dog is 13-15 years.

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Kai Leo is a small dog, but strong and inherited only the best qualities from its ancestors.

This cute pet, which endows all household members with its endless love and affection, loves very much to be reciprocated. This dog prefers to be always close to the owner and at the same time manages not to bother him. She treats strangers with caution and apprehension; with acquaintances she is friendly and playful. The dog is very fond of small children and is friendly to other pets. Likes to walk and play with toys. Loves praise and attention.


Breeders of the breed need to pay attention to the temperament and character of the pet. Knowing the habits of a dog, you can easily teach it the rules of behavior in a new home. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, they quickly adapt to the owner’s lifestyle and daily routine. They are neat in everyday life and you should not expect anything bad from them except for petty pranks. If Kai Leo is left alone for a while, she will not rush to destroy your things with a rhinestone, but will be sad in anticipation of her patron. She has a subtle nature, she does not accept rudeness and screaming, but on the contrary loves affection and attention. Kai Leo feels the mood of the owner, if he is cheerful, she will have fun with him, and if she is sad, she will wait nearby until she is called to play again.


The kai leo doggie is intended for home keeping. It is very small in size, it is convenient to keep it in the apartment, despite its activity. The dog serves as an adornment for luxurious wealthy homes and not only. She may well fulfill the duty of the caretaker of your home, since she does not bark for no reason and very much feels strangers. With its presence, this dog can decorate the loneliness of any person in need of love and relieve him of depression or blues. Thanks to his charm, Kai Leo quickly becomes the favorite of the whole family.

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Taking care of a dog is not difficult, but there are certain requirements for its care. Long, beautiful coat should be brushed and brushed thoroughly several times a day so that it does not roll or crumple. For this purpose, there are special brushes for long-haired dogs. Trimming is not recommended, but small trimming is not prohibited. Bathe your dog only if it is heavily soiled. Despite the fact that kai leo is considered a room dog, it must be walked often in the fresh air, played with it in nature in various games, and introduced to other animals.

When it comes to feeding, long-haired dogs especially need a well-balanced diet and various vitamin supplements. The correctness of feeding can be determined by the state of her coat: if she is healthy and silky, then everything is in order with the food, but if it is dull and loose, then the diet urgently needs to be changed. Dry food should never be mixed with normal human food. Your pet should have two personal bowls, one for food and one for water. The bowl of water should be kept full so the dog can drink whenever he wants. Good grooming will improve the quality of life of the animal and therefore its age.


Little puppies are taught not to be afraid of people and the noise that surrounds them: the sounds of a car, washing machine or dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, mixer and other household appliances. There is no need to forbid the puppy to learn the new world, in the future the dog will not be shy. You should not raise your voice and frighten the dog, and during his training, you must show patience and affection. You need to give commands in a playful way: “take”, “catch”, “catch up”, and after the next task, give the dog his favorite treat.

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On the territory of our country, the population of this beautiful breed has noticeably improved, there are more breeders and the desire to get this breed does not become a problem. With the correct documents, the dog can be purchased in any country.

The breed is listed by the American Rare Breeds Association.

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