Labradoodle (Australian Labradoodle) is a breed of dog that was obtained by crossing a poodle with a Labrador Retriever. Labradoodles are used in search and rescue and canistherapy, and are also used as guides. Very often, representatives of this breed are given birth as family dogs.


The first mention of the name “Labradoodle” falls on 1955, then this dog breed was described in the book by D. Campbell. On the pages of his work, he told what kind of dog came from mixing the blood of a poodle and a Labrador.

The request to create such a breed came from a blind woman who needed a guide dog, but she could not afford it, as her husband suffered from a strong allergy to dog hair.

In 1988, Australian dog breeder Wally Kornor successfully crossed the two breeds. He took a standard poodle and a Labrador retriever. The aim of the crossing was to create a dog that would become a guide for blind people without causing them to be allergic to wool. The new breed was soon introduced to American breeders and gained incredible popularity. The poodle’s meek disposition and the Labrador’s amazing learning ability are combined in a new breed, plus a hypoallergenic coat. All this made the Labradoodle a fashionable dog breed of the late 20th – early 21st century. When the family of American President Obama wanted to acquire such a dog, the breed became even more recognizable and well-known (Barack preferred the Portuguese Water Dog to the Labradoodle).


Due to the fact that the breed is mixed, the range of coat color and texture is quite large.

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The texture of the wool is: corded, soft (like a sheep’s), curly, tightly twisted, wavy.

Coat color can be: brown, creamy, brindle, chocolate, golden, coffee, black, apricot, red, red, white and silver.

Labradoodles have a rectangular head and proportional to the body. The neck is medium. The ears are in line with the eyes. They differ from the poodle in a more massive body, have a low-set tail. Legs are muscular and long.


Labradoodles can be of two types:

1. Labrador / Poodle – 50 to 50. A dog of this type is more like a Labrador, only has a coat like a poodle;

2. Labrador / Poodle – 25 to 75. A Labradoodle of this type is more similar to a poodle, but from the Labrador he inherited the character and size.

Labradoodles, like poodles, have three types:

Standard (large): height – 60 cm or more, weight – 18 kg or more;

Medium (small): height – from 40 cm to 60 cm, weight – from 10 kg to 18 kg;

Miniature: height – from 30 cm to 40 cm, weight – less than 10 kg.

Most labradoodles do not have a specific smell, they almost do not shed (if this happens, it is quite insignificant). May be shedding or slightly odorless dogs that show more Labrador genes.


Labradoodles are extremely friendly dogs. Their breed was bred specifically to help people, and they do it 100%.

Dogs of this breed have the following qualities: developed intuition, friendliness, easy learning, affection, intelligence, socialization.

These dogs always expect communication, involvement in the game, friendship from a person.

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Labradoodles are very smart, they have such a quality as independent decision-making. These are not aggressive animals, they do not fight with other dogs. At the same time, they always protect their masters, as they are incredibly loyal and devoted.

Dogs of this breed always have complete mutual understanding with their owners.


Labradoodles have thick and dense coat, the dog feels great and behaves in adverse weather conditions. Thanks to such wool and a keen sense of smell, they are used in search and rescue operations, as well as for the search for dangerous substances and drugs.

Labradoodles are used for sports – frisbee, freestyle, agility.

Labradoodles are especially great with young children, they just adore them, love to play and can be a nanny.

And of course, the most important purpose of these dogs is that they are excellent guides for blind people.

Dogs of this breed are so good-natured that it is not recommended to have them as a guard.


Labradoodles are very fond of walking for a long time and actively moving at the same time. With them, you need not just walk, but saturate the walk with games so that the dog frolic and spend its energy. Labradoodles need to take two walks a day, and at least one of them should be at least an hour.

Caring for dogs of this breed is not difficult. It is recommended to bathe and cut them once every 1-2 months. It is advisable to comb the wool daily.

Babies are fed 6 times a day, as they grow older, the number of meals is reduced and for adult dogs, two meals a day are already recommended.

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Labradudles live on average 13-15 years.


As soon as a labradoodle puppy appears in the house, it is necessary to start classes with it.

They are very smart and love to learn, they always try to understand new commands of the person and at the same time get great pleasure from the learning process itself. They understand and execute commands easily and quickly.

Labradoodles swim great.


The disadvantages of this breed of dogs include only the fact that older people cannot start them, due to the excessive activity of Labradoodles. At this age, it is already difficult for old people to cope with such active fidgets.

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