Labrador retriever

general characteristics

Labrador is a smart, active, playful and sociable dog, she always strives to please and wants to make friends with everyone. She gets along great with children, but she won’t make a security guard. The maximum that a Labrador will do upon seeing a stranger is barking, but then wagging its tail and trying to please. Therefore, it is not recommended to train this breed in guarding and defensive skills.


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Breed characteristics:
– Good-natured and sociable
– Loves to swim
– Well trained, it is necessary to limit food

Height: 55-57 cm
Age: 12-15 years old
Weight: 30-45 kg


Get along well with other animals.


The Labrador Retriever is a very active and mischievous breed, so too young a family or older people will find it difficult to cope with such a dog.

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Hair care

The Labrador has a normal coat with a thick undercoat. Brushing and brushing 1-2 times a week is sufficient grooming for her.

Conditions of detention

The Labrador Retriever loves to run, so it is advisable to have a spacious backyard with good fencing. However, the content in the apartment is also suitable for him, but he will have to walk often and for a long time.


Labradors love movement. For adult dogs, two walks a day for 1–2 hours will be enough, but kids need long games and activities. Keep in mind that these mischievous people love to rip up the ground and gnaw whatever they come across. A Labrador will never miss the opportunity to swim in even the smallest puddle, let alone a pond, lake or river.

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