Disease picture obstruction of the upper airways
Symptoms of chronic bronchitis

Laryngitis disease


Laryngitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the larynx. This disease can spread to the entire upper respiratory tract.

Disease origin and development

The disease is triggered by constant barking, a viral infection (e.g. kennel cough), irritating gases, dust, foreign bodies or constant pulling on the leash (the collar irritates the larynx).

Clinical picture – symptoms

When breathing in cold air or drinking cold water, a loud, strong and short cough occurs. The general condition does not seem to be disturbed any further. The animals continue to consume food, which in turn induces coughing. Over time the voice becomes hoarse and it can even lead to complete loss of voice.


If the laryngitis is acute, the prospect of a cure is good. The underlying disease must be eliminated, after which the laryngitis almost disappears by itself. However, if the disease has already become chronic, the prognosis must be cautiously assessed.

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