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Leash for dog. What are they and which one to choose?

Every dog ​​owner needs a leash, but how do you choose? There are a lot of them: the price, purpose and appearance are varied.

When buying, owners often rely on appearance. It is problematic to assess the pros and cons only in appearance, so such a purchase often leads to inconvenience during a walk. Let’s figure it out together.


  • Types of dog leashes
    • Roulette
    • Leashes for walking and training
    • Leashes-walkers
    • Chain leashes
    • Leashes for walking several dogs (folds)
  • How to choose a dog leash
    • Choosing the size of the leash
    • Choosing the leash length

Types of dog leashes

There are different types of leashes that can be used for the same breeds. Pay special attention to the length and material.

Roulette leashes

Leash-roulette photo

They are convenient for walking a pet in the city, therefore they are very popular. The tape measures are divided according to the weight of the dog, depending on the strength of the jerk. The length of the leash is mainly from 3 to 10 meters.

There are two types of leash: cable and tape. Tether is cheaper, but only suitable for small dogs. It is dangerous to handle the rope. Tape is more expensive, but safer and more durable than cable.


• The tape itself fixes the length, so the tape does not get tangled on the dog’s paws and does not get dirty;
• The pet can easily run in the direction he needs, and the owner does not have to constantly cut and release the leash;
• The presence of a special button that blocks the retraction of the tape;
• Takes up little space;
• Comfortable to hold.


• Relatively high cost;
• Not suitable for hyperactive dogs;
• The pet gets used to pulling while walking;
• Do not let the dog chew on the leash, even if it is tape – tape measures do not have sufficient strength;
• If the tape is used constantly, then the tape may begin to bend, that is, it will have to be constantly corrected;
• Over time, the tape begins to jam, especially when the animal is actively pulling and pulling it;
• If dirt gets inside the tape, it gets jammed.

Leashes for walking and training

Leash for walking and training a dog photo

It has the most standard appearance: a tape with a carabiner at one end, a loop at the other. The length is mainly from 2 to 5 meters (there are also 15 meter leads). Made from leather, nylon or tarpaulin.

Leather looks stylish, but the material is expensive, and there are few pluses. The skin is quite heavy, easily deformed and cracked. Nylon and tarp have similar qualities, but nylon is less durable and is therefore less commonly used on larger, stronger dogs. Tarpaulin is a common material for a walking leash. It is durable (even a dog has a hard time chewing it) and does not slip in the hand, and the tarp is easy to wash.


• Low cost;
• High strength;
• Convenient for training;
• Comfortable to hold in hand;
• Variety of thicknesses and materials allows you to choose the one that suits your weight.


• You have to constantly lengthen and shorten by hand, otherwise it will drag along the ground and dirt;
• Long leashes easily get tangled, including around your pet’s paws.

Leashes – walkers

Leash - trail photo

This unusual type of leash allows you to keep your dog close. The walker looks like a loop to which a carabiner is attached. Keep in mind that the dog must be mannered and calm enough to behave adequately on it.

When changing from a regular leash to such a leash, the dog feels insecure, so it is better to familiarize him with it in advance.


• Convenient if you need to go through crowded places, as it gives a lot of control over the pet;
• The leash does not take up much space.


• Not suitable for ordinary walking (restricts the movement of dogs);
• Limited in terms of dog size: walkers are only suitable for large breed dogs (you can, of course, also use for a small dog, but you have to bend very low).

Leashes – chains

Chain Leash for Dogs

Many beginners buy a chain as a basic leash, but it has few advantages. When buying a chain leash, you need to make sure of the strength of the links: often there are low-quality chains that simply break.


• Beautiful appearance;
• The dog will not gnaw through the chain.


• Hair gets stuck in chain links, especially for long-haired dog breeds;
• Not comfortable for the owner of the dog, as the chain is inconvenient and sometimes dangerous to take;
• This species has quite a lot of weight, which can be positive for the dog, but will definitely cause discomfort to the owner;
• Poor quality chains are common;
• Freezes up in winter if you are constantly on the street.

Leashes for walking several dogs (folds)

Leash for small dogs photo

A distinctive feature is several carbines (the number may be different). This type is often used at exhibitions. When buying a bundle, you need to understand that it takes time for dogs to get used to it.


• Allow to keep several dogs on one leash at once;
• Dogs are easier to control than on separate leashes.


• For a full-fledged walk, the svork is not suitable due to the limited movement of animals;
• During the first use, you need to carefully observe the behavior of the dogs: the resulting inconvenience can cause aggression.

How to choose a dog leash

So, when buying a leash, you must follow simple rules:

  1. When choosing a leash, it is important to decide on the final goal. Having precisely defined the purpose, you can significantly narrow down the search. You should not try to combine several goals at once, otherwise the chosen leash will end up being useless.
  2. The size of the dog also needs to be considered. Some leashes are simply not suitable for large or small dogs. In any case, for a strong animal you need a strong one, even if it has a fairly large weight.
  3. Consider the character of the dog. Overactive and aggressive dogs will need more durable material. Almost any pet is suitable for a calm pet. You need to understand that a hyperactive pet will always spoil the leash faster.
  4. Please ensure the strength and quality of the carabiner before purchasing. Sometimes it is poorly secured. Also, a problem may arise with the shutter.
  5. Decide on the length of the leash separately. The length also depends on the destination.
    If leather is chosen from the materials (even if it is used only partially), consider the peculiarities of care. When buying, choose such a leash, the edges of which will be processed, otherwise the skin will quickly get wet. Dry the skin to keep it from rotting.
  6. When keeping your pet outdoors, use two leashes that change if necessary (one is torn or dirty, for example).

Choosing the size of the leash

How do you know which leash is suitable for the weight of the dog so that the dog breaks it?

As a rule, leashes correspond to the weight categories of dogs:

XS – dwarf dog breeds (the smallest breeds, for example, Papillon and Chihuahua),

S – small breeds,

M – medium breeds,

L – large breeds,

XL – giant breeds (especially large breeds, for example the English Mastiff).

How long should the leash be

It all depends on the purpose for which you choose the ammunition. For exhibitions, use short ones (about 1 meter). Walking leashes are usually 2-5 meters long.

For training, long ones are often used (the length is at least 5 meters). When choosing the length, also consider how comfortable it will be for the owner to use the leash (for example, not everyone can cope with a 10-meter tarpaulin leash).

A leash is essential for every dog, regardless of size, activity level and temperament. It is better to purchase ammunition for dogs for every occasion in life, so that you will always be comfortable walking with your pet.

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