Leftovers from the grill can cost dogs their lives

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Leftovers from the grill can cost dogs their lives

Dangerous food for four-legged friends

The smell of juicy steaks and grilled sausages wafts through the gardens again. One’s joy, the other’s sorrow: Because this means that the number of emergencies in veterinary practices is increasing at the same time: especially after nice weekends, dogs are presented on Mondays with massive vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Miss Dr. Tina Hölscher, veterinarian for aktion tier eV, warns: “Feeding leftovers from the grill, especially bone parts, can be life-threatening for dogs.”

Bone splinters cause internal injuries

Fragments of bone pierce intestinal walls like needles. Food particles get into the abdominal cavity and lead to dramatic inflammation. Larger amounts of bone clog the intestines and prevent the mash from passing through. The dog can no longer pass poop. If the four-legged friend does catch dangerous food, the veterinarian can still make the dog vomit through a syringe one to two hours after eating. “In this way, with a giant schnauzer, the bone of a complete pork leg came out again, and that in one piece! That would not have gone well at the back,” reports Dr. Hell of a case.

If the dog is suspicious, it must go to the vet quickly

If the dog has problems with defecation due to constipation, a tablespoon of vegetable oil per ten kilograms of body weight can be given in cases of doubt. But if there is also vomiting, the animal owner must then visit a veterinarian at the latest. “The best prevention is to completely refrain from feeding bones, especially if the dog has hardly gotten any bones to date,” the veterinarian sums up.

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