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Leukocytopenia syndrome


Leukocytopenia is when the number of white blood cells in the blood has fallen below a certain limit.

Disease origin and development

If the consumption of leukocytes is greater than the production during a viral or bacterial infection, leukocytopenia can occur. Viruses (parvovirus) affect cells in the bone marrow and lymphoid tissue. The parvovirus in particular tends to destroy rapidly dividing cells. Bacterial infectious diseases are particularly dangerous when it is an acute or peracute course. The consumption very often exceeds the formation of new leukocytes. Cytotoxins are also a possible cause.

Clinical picture – symptoms

At the beginning, the clinical picture is usually dominated by the underlying disease. Hemostasis disorders and other infectious diseases occur later, which can often be fatal.


Leukocytopenias are generally to be classified as unfavorable prognosis. With “consumption” and “shock leukopenia” the prospect of a cure is better.

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