Lhasa Apso (Lhasa Apso)

Lhasa Apso can be called real super-models. Of course, it’s all about the very long coat and hairstyle. With the right care and brushing, smooth hair is parted at the back and dangles down in a beautiful veil. Due to its incredible charm, this breed is very popular, but few people know about their ancient and mysterious history. Today this breed is called a precious dog, like a gem, and reasonable, like a Tibetan monk.


Having learned the history of the origin of this breed, we understand that we are far from a decorative dog. Lhasa Apso is a very ancient breed, bred in the Himalayas. For many centuries, these animals lived only in Tibet and were considered the reincarnation of their owners. The priests kept their dogs isolated, and those, oddly enough, served as guard dogs. They lived in monasteries and even in the palace of the Dalai Lama. They were called nothing other than “dogs guarding from lions.” And the whole point is not in their strength, but in the ringing strong barking. If the Tibetan mastiffs guarded the monasteries from the outside, then the apso – inside. The animals were so highly valued that they were given only to highly placed dignitaries and guests. It was even believed that a dog brings happiness and good luck to the new owner. Having reached China, this breed has contributed to the development of the Shih Tzu and Pekingese.


Of course, the first thing that catches your eye when you see a lhasa apso is a long thick coat. Despite its flowing appearance, it is tough to the touch, two-layer, covering the entire body. Without proper care, dogs quickly turn into a home broom.

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According to the standard, the body length should exceed the height, and the weight should not be more than 9 kilograms. The ideal height at the withers is 25.4 cm. Lhasa have a slightly elongated, but well-knit body. They have a rounded head with a short snout, a short, muscular neck, and a well-defined chest. The ears are drooping, triangular in shape, the eyes are round, often hidden under thick bangs. The back is broad and powerful, the legs are short but strong. The tail curls over the back and, thanks to the long coat, looks very elegant.

There are many color variations, but the most common are golden, cream and honey, which beautifully set off the dark frame of the face.


Lhasa Apso are energetic, active and very intelligent dogs. Independent and living their own minds, they always do what they want, when they want. In terms of upbringing, they are quite stubborn pets. Both externally and in temperament, they are somewhat reminiscent of a lion. Not only are these dogs not afraid of anything or anyone, they are also very self-confident. But they have enough, along with these qualities, to have humor and playfulness. So this pet will suit many people.


Lhasa apso are very loyal to their owners, which is why they are wary of all strangers. In front of strangers, they immediately withdraw into themselves. All pets of this breed require attention to themselves, they want to immediately become an integral part of your family. Therefore, they will always be there and show any curiosity in conversations and conversations. Sometimes lhasa can be overly intrusive.

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Today, Lhasa Apso dogs enjoy life as pets, although by nature they are an excellent watchman. If they notice something amiss, they will definitely report it with a loud, sonorous bark. The sentry’s role is just for them. These dogs are suitable for families that do not particularly like an active lifestyle. Such a pet will make an excellent company for couch potatoes and the elderly.


This dog feels great both in a large luxurious country house and in an ordinary small apartment. But we must not forget that Lhasa Apso still needs small physical activity and active walks. Like any courtier, they will not refuse to soak up the couch all day. But this not only spoils the appearance of the pet, but also its character.

If your dog will participate in shows, then you will have to spend a lot of time grooming the coat. By itself, it looks pretty simple and without the sheer glitter and charm. Wool should not only be regularly combed and bathed with mild shampoos, but also treated with conditioners and other care products. This will give the strands a well-groomed flowy look and lightness. It is quite possible to simply cut your pet’s pet in order to simplify care. If there are allergy sufferers in the house, you do not need to worry, since the apso wool does not have an allergen.


As for training, it is better to start it from a very early age. This will help to properly form character and remove excessive stubbornness.

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