Lyon Bichon (Bichon Lyon, Levhen, Louchen, lion dog) / Lion Bichon (Petit Chien Lion Lowchen, Little Lion Dog)

Small lion dog – this is how the name of this breed is translated from French. Dogs got this name thanks to the long-standing fashion of European aristocrats to trim their pets under the king of beasts. Lion Bichon is a breed of indoor decorative dogs of the Bichon family or lapdogs. From their congeners, dogs inherited a cheerful disposition, playfulness and devotion to their owners.


Some biologists believe that the lion dog breed dates back to the 2nd century AD. e. However, Levhen came into fashion much later – at the beginning of the 16th century. Until now, in many paintings by medieval authors (such as Francisco Goya, Lucas Cranach old, Albrecht Durer) you can see a lady with a lion, more precisely with a lion dog. But fashion is changeable, and she was cruel to cute pets. Several centuries later, pugs and King Charles Spaniels became the favorites of dignitaries. Levhenes were among the stray unnecessary dogs and disappeared among other lapdogs. Only in the middle of the last century did scientists begin to revive the breed. Among the dogs of Belgium, France and Germany, the most similar to the Bichon Lyon were selected and crossed with a poodle. In 1947, the first breed club was established in France. Despite this, the number of Levhenes was so small that in 1960 they entered the Guinness Book of Records as one of the rarest breeds on earth. A year later, Lyon Bichon was included in the classification of the International Cynological Federation under number 233.

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Louchens are small decorative dogs. They have a wavy and silky coat, although they are usually clipped under a lion. The muzzle is small, in proportion to the body. The ears are drooping, of medium length, abundantly covered with hair. The tail is short with a slight curl and candle-shaped hairs at the tip. The eyes are dark, rounded, the nose is black. Common colors are black, brown, silver and navy blue. Rarity – pure white levhen, because basically two or three colors are combined in their color.

These are small dogs, whose height at the withers reaches 36 cm in males and 33 cm in bitches. Weight depending on gender is 5-8 and 4-7 kg, respectively. The coat is long and soft. Dogs practically do not shed.


Levhenes are very smart and open to people. They get along great with children. They are able to be the guards of their family and give a voice every time they hear something suspicious. The latter may not suit the neighbors at all. Can only be trained at an early age. They do not have enormous popularity among the Russian-speaking population, although they have won their audience of fans in many European countries, such as France, Germany, Great Britain and others.


Despite its small size and external fragility, the dog has a truly lion heart. The Louchens are very playful, cheerful and welcoming. At the same time, they are loyal to their masters and are ready to fearlessly protect them with their whole body. Pets are never the first to show aggression and bark only in case of danger or to warn of intruders.

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Levhenes get along well with other pets, if they do not begin to claim their leadership positions. Also, dogs find a common language with small children.


Due to their nature, these dogs are not suitable for the role of a decorative pocket dog, which constantly lies on the sofa, sleeps and eats. They need daily activity, running and jumping. To do this, it will be enough to let go of the pet while walking to waste energy and tumble in the grass. Then the dog will be more calm at home.

Levhen is a reliable and loyal companion. He always tries to please the owner, pleases with his cheerfulness, and in return looks for only love and affection.


The dog is quite unpretentious and will be happy to live in an apartment next to a loving family. Despite the fact that she is not very active at home, she needs at least half an hour of daily outdoor walks. You also need to constantly monitor the condition of the coat. It must be kept clean and brushed out as often as possible to keep it silky and free from tangled tubers. Levhena is cut as the fur grows, leaving hair on the chest, muzzle, ears, below on the paws and the tip of the tail.

The lion’s dog’s health is very good. They rarely get sick, although there is a predisposition to diseases of the eyes, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The average life expectancy of pets is 14 years, and some live for 17-19 years.

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Dogs can tolerate all weather conditions well, but they are absolutely not adapted for keeping outdoors.


Levhen is an intelligent and flexible dog, if you start working with it from early childhood. However, she can only be trained after she is shown who is the boss. Then the dog stops being lazy, indulges and begins to follow commands. Dogs can be trained in various tricks, but it will take a little longer. By the way, these animals give in to training more quickly if they are treated kindly but fairly. It is almost impossible to teach an adult dog something, so you need to immediately teach your levhen to stand in one position for several minutes. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to trim an ill-bred pet later.


Dogs should eat special food. Lyons Bichon is forbidden to feed food from the table, such as sausage, fatty meats and even bones. But black bread, porridge or cottage cheese will please the dog.

Today the lion dog is no longer considered a rarity, although their number is not so great. Therefore, for a thoroughbred puppy, depending on the country, pedigree, color and kennel, they will be asked to pay from 200 to 8000 conventional units.

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