Maltese (Maltese, Maltese) / Maltese (Bichon Maltaise)

The Maltese lapdog is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. And the representative of this particular breed was the richest in the dog world. A small white furry named Trouble inherited $ 12 million from the owner of the hotel business, Leona Helmsley. But this fact is far from the last achievement of the breed. It is not surprising that for many centuries it was she who was the choice of the elite.


The Maltese lapdog is one of the oldest dwarf breeds in Europe. The history of their origin is rather confusing, but it is known that it was finally formed as a separate breed in England. It is believed that the birthplace of the breed is the island of Malta, where it was bred 2000 years ago. In honor of the locality of origin, the breed got its name. Images of these dogs are found on the household items of the ancient Greeks, as well as on the pottery of the Egyptians. For an unusually light and airy coat, as well as a white color, Aristotle called these animals “clouds floating in the sky.” The first Maltese lapdogs descended from service dogs, so they have very well developed working qualities. Later, their popularity increased, and connoisseurs were ready to pay more and more sums of money for such a pet. It is known in history that taxes were paid with such dogs and were presented as a gift to the most prominent people, including the Queen of England.


The appearance of these dogs is so cute that you want to stroke them all the time. It is a small lap dog, covered from head to toe with white fluffy hair. Black eyes and a neat black nose on white wool look like buttons, adding to the overall charm.

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The main feature of the Maltese lapdogs is their small size. At the withers, they rarely exceed 23 centimeters, and weigh on average 3-3.5 kilograms. Maltese has a slightly elongated body and a small head. The ears are triangular, set high and close to the head. The neck, although covered with thick hair, should be clearly visible from the back. Next comes a slightly raised withers and a straight back. The croup is very wide and long.

Color according to the breed standard is allowed only white. It is known that the Roman emperors achieved this quality, considering white to be sacred. The coat is soft and fluffy, but it is not fluff, but hair, which makes it easier to care for. No undercoat.


Maltese lapdogs are resourceful and playful. In the house they will always find something to play and have fun with. Even a small apartment for these little dogs becomes a real playground. So children with these dogs will not be bored for sure. In addition, Maltese loves physical activity. However, it is important not to overexert the animals with long walks. Do not forget that the lapdog needs to make five for your one step.


Maltese lapdogs are very loving creatures. They very quickly become attached to the owner and to their family. They are also good-natured, funny and active. Dogs with children are especially affectionate. For a long time they can either play restlessly or sit quietly in the hands of the hostess. She perceives strangers and other dogs calmly and restrainedly.

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Gentle and intelligent, loyal to their owners, Maltese are ideal for the role of pets. The Maltese lapdog is one of the best companions among dogs. However, families with small children are better off being careful – they are too fragile.


Maltese lapdogs do well in many conditions, be it an apartment or a country house. They quickly adapt to the rhythm and pace of the host’s life. However, caring for them is quite difficult. Firstly, the white color of the wool is a hassle, and secondly, its considerable length and density. Their long coat requires tremendous work, especially if your pet has a show appearance. You will have to comb every day and bathe every week with special products for long-haired dogs. Cutting Maltese is not recommended. And all the Maltese lapdogs need daily cleaning of their teeth, otherwise inflammation and diseases of the oral cavity often occur. Also, we must not forget about the beard and eyes, which get dirty all the time.


They are very intelligent dogs, but at an early age it is very important not to spoil the puppy as this will complicate training later. Perhaps the most difficult task is to train the dog to remain alone for even a short period of time. This is very difficult for the Maltese lapdogs, since they are very dependent on the owner. Without proper preparation and care, dogs can suffer from neurotic disorders.

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