Manchester Terrier (Black and Tan Terrier)

The Manchester Terrier is a dog breed that today includes two growing varieties of terriers. Initially, the origins of the breed could be found in England. These smooth-haired dogs were brought to Manchester later.


In the 19th century, Great Britain suffered from an invasion of rats. At that time there even appeared a kind of sport, which was called “rodent hunting”. Many figures attracted their pets to such a hunt. Perhaps that is why John Hulme decided to breed a special breed of dog suitable for such fun. As a result, for crossing, he selected the following breeds: Old English Terrier white color, Whippet.

Although the White Old English Terrier is now considered an extinct breed, its genes still live in the Manchester Terrier.

In 1860, rat control began to be carried out by other methods. And the fighting qualities of terriers of this breed have become superfluous. Over time, dogs have lost their popularity. But the number of nurseries where they were bred only increased.

The secret of these kennels was that their owners began to sell terriers abroad. So the dogs ended up in the USA and other European countries.

In 1886, the Manchester Terrier was recognized by American dog breeders. In 1934, a small variety of the breed was identified, called the “Toy Manchester Terrier”. By 1958, the Manchester Terriers were again united into one species, despite their difference in weight and height, they went through the unification procedure and their clubs.


Two centuries from the moment of their appearance, the Manchester Terriers have retained their appearance almost unchanged. Their fun-loving nature helps them adapt well to any family. These dogs are in excellent health. They are unpretentious, energetic and compact.

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The weight of an adult can vary from 6 to 10 kg. Growth reaches 41 cm. In the IFC classification, this breed belongs to the group of terriers, and the section of the breed sounds like “large and medium-sized terriers”.

Manchester Terriers are very mobile. Today they are used in sports such as agility. But earlier, in rat battles, one dog could crush about 100 rats in 6-7 minutes. Real money bets were even made on the champion dogs.

In general, this breed is suitable both for living in the city and for keeping on a personal fenced site.


The following parameters are prescribed in the rare breed standard:

· Narrow chest;
· Straight or rounded back;
· Muscular thighs;
· Graceful limbs;
· Dry, wedge-shaped head;
Elongated neck
· Short and dense coat;
· Color black with brown spots;
· The tail is medium and thin;
Erect ears;
· The eyes are always dark;
· The lifespan is about 13 years.

Today the breed is not as widespread as it used to be, but still, nothing is impossible for connoisseurs of such dogs. And they are registered in the queue for puppies in specialized kennels.


Terriers from Manchester are considered to be very responsive and loyal. Their hunting passion will not be exterminated, but excessive aggressiveness is no longer inherent in this breed. Manchester Terriers are more often friends with other animals, but there are exceptions.

With children, Manchester Terriers love to play outdoor games. Due to their quickness and endurance, these dogs make excellent companions for active people. With them you can go on hikes, participate in competitions. And do not worry about catching rats if such a terrier lives on the site.

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Manchester Terriers are born rat catchers and hunters. Initially, their purpose was to catch rodents that bred in cities. Eating on garbage dumps, rats in London could reach impressive sizes, so ordinary mousetraps and cats could not cope with them. And the terriers did their job masterly.

Now the Manchester Terrier has changed his working profile and has become a companion dog as well as a sports dog. But as a family pet, an agile and friendly dog ​​is also ideal.


Short terrier coats can be wiped down daily with a damp sponge, or brushed out with a soft brush. This will avoid a large amount of hair in the house. And the appearance of the pet with such care will always be at its best.

Manchester Terriers are also regularly clipped. They grow back quickly, so you will have to do a dog’s pedicure quite often.

The ears of these dogs are cleaned with damp and soft cotton pads. You rarely need to bathe the terrier, otherwise it can easily dry out its skin. If the dog gets very dirty while walking, it is best to use a damp towel to clean it.


From puppyhood, this breed has shown wonders of ingenuity. Sometimes it seems that terriers literally grab everything on the fly. Cynologists advise the owners of terriers to be firm in their upbringing, otherwise, the dog will try to take a leading position in the family hierarchy.

Consistency during training also matters. Manchester Terriers are very mobile, this feature should be taken into account when training a dog. In all other respects, these dogs are suitable for the same training courses as other hunting breeds.

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Manchester Terriers are good at looking for small prey in the snow. They perfectly take the trail and follow it to the goal.

It is not easy to buy such a terrier puppy. Its price is high and the breed itself is considered rare.

Vices of the breed are unreasonable cowardice and strong aggression.

Manchester Terriers do not tolerate prolonged loneliness. Therefore, they should be started by those who have a large and friendly family.

Having become attached to the owner, the terrier may not survive separation from him. You should not start this breed if you do not plan to remain the sole owner of your pet throughout its life.

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