Mating dogs. How dogs are mated

Most owners of purebred dogs sooner or later begin to think about continuing the genus of their pet. But is it as simple as it seems? In fact, mating dogs is a rather complicated procedure that requires special training and adherence to certain rules. If the desire to knit a pet is not lost, then you need to do everything in stages and as it should.

Basic rules for mating dogs

If we talk about dogs of “noble” blood, especially those that are on the “free” range, then there are no difficulties in this matter. In pedigree representatives, this process requires the intervention of the owners, starting with the selection of a partner.

The basic rules for mating dogs include the following:

  • You need to know exactly at what age you can knit a dog. The animal matures by the year to reproduce. Small breed puppies reach sexual maturity earlier than large ones. Experienced breeders do not recommend mating a pet in the first heat, since at this age the dog is not fully developed. If you hurry up and “untie” the pet ahead of time, then his growth and physical development will stop, not reaching the size and exterior required for this breed. In addition, early mating can negatively affect not only the physical, but also the mental development of the animal.
  • Much depends on the selection of a partner. In order to get healthy, full-fledged offspring, you need to find the most suitable half for your friend. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the applicant’s pedigree and health in detail. It is better if the dogs come from the same breeder, you can contact the dog breeders club for help.
  • It is important for mating that it takes place on a suitable day. This issue deserves a separate consideration. It should be noted, however, that dogs may not be mated on all estrus days.
  • A prerequisite is the choice of a place for meeting partners and the mating itself. The most important thing is that it is the “bride” who comes to visit the “groom”. Otherwise, the dog may become confused and not perform the expected actions. At home, he is more liberated and daring. There are also features of training, based on the size of the pets and their temperament.
  • Pet owners should be aware of the intricacies of the process in order to come to the rescue at the right time and not separate the couple until the end of the mating.
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These are the main questions for a successful mating, but not all.

How to properly prepare a bitch for mating

How to prepare a bitch for mating

In order to orient yourself and not miss the time of the second estrus, suitable for mating, you need to keep a special observation diary during the first. All information regarding the time of estrus, its duration and characteristics of the dog’s behavior during this period is entered there. Knowing the time of one heat, you can roughly calculate the date of the next.

The most suitable time for mating is the period from 12 to 15 days from the moment the bitch begins to flow. In addition, there are a number of signs that the “bride” is ready:

  • she shows interest in the opposite sex and flirts invitingly;
  • in a dog, the “loop” becomes soft and increases in size;
  • there is an abundant discharge of a yellowish-pink hue;
  • the female takes a position suitable for mating, and if she touches the base of the tail or the loop, she will pull it to the side.

As soon as such signs began to be observed, it means that the bitch began ovulation, which lasts about five days. This period is a good time for mating.

But ideally, it is better to plan the event on the second day, so that there is a higher probability of getting a large litter.

Among the features of the estrus period, the following can be noted:

  • often dogs have short-term discharge, or they are transparent and therefore difficult to detect;
  • there are cases when during the period of ovulation in a bitch the loop remains in its original state without softening;
  • some bitches are aggressive towards males during the whole period of estrus.

This suggests that each pet develops individually.

The mating of dogs will be successful if the time of fertilization is correctly calculated. For these purposes, records are needed about the beginning and characteristics of the period when the dog is flowing, otherwise even the most professional veterinarian will not help calculate the days of ovulation. Before mating, you should not feed the dog, but it is better to take a walk for 15-20 minutes.

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How to choose a place for knitting

Place for mating dogs

A place for mating should be taken care of in advance. In practice, breeders and dog handlers have it so that mating must necessarily take place in a place well known to the male. This is done so that the dog does not feel insecure and fearful and can do what is required of him.

If the dog is experienced, then it is better to hold meetings in the same place. But if this is impossible and you have to organize a meeting with the female, then this is quite acceptable. The main thing is that the “gentleman” has the opportunity to be in a new place, sniff and look around. Usually after this the male calms down and begins to feel, if not at home, then quite peaceful.

Different breeds of dogs have their own requirements for the place of mating. For small and medium-sized pets, prepare a separate room in the house or apartment. Large dogs are best found in a fenced street area. In both cases, the place must meet certain standards:

  • strangers and other animals should not be on the territory, their sudden appearance should be excluded;
  • the area should be spacious and have a non-slip surface to avoid injury to the animals and slip during enclosure.

If the day and place is chosen, then all that remains is to introduce two pets. The dog is the first to enter new territory. 10-15 minutes will be enough for him to get comfortable. Then the bitch can be released. In most cases, the male does not immediately mount, but shows some signs of attention and courting.

How dogs are mated

Stages of mating dogs

If the couple is experienced, then, most likely, there will be no hitches. But what if the dogs are inexperienced and do not quite understand what is required of them? In this case, the owners need to show dexterity and help the couple:

  • If the bitch is completely ready and has taken the desired stance, then for better sliding it is necessary to generously smear the loop with a greasy hypoallergenic cream or petroleum jelly.
  • At the same time, the owner must hold the pet by the collar. And you will need one more pair of hands to hold the dog under the belly and direct the “loop” to the male’s penis.
  • The male tries to cage, and if everything works out, then he begins to make intense and quick jolts. During this period, it is necessary to monitor the stability of the dog, since during the eruption of semen he may not stand on his paws and fall. This is especially true for representatives of small breeds.
  • There are situations when the organs of dogs do not quite match each other. This is where help is needed throughout the knitting process. It will be better if a knowledgeable person is present – a dog handler, veterinarian or breeder. Sometimes you need to raise the bitch’s pelvis, or, conversely, provide the dog with a stand, and hold the dogs together, pressing them together. Again, this happens most often with small dogs.
  • After the completion of the sexual intercourse, the “groom” descends on the “bride”. Normally, she starts snarling and tries to bite him. During the movement of the male, the genital organs of the dogs enter a state of adhesion, or, in other words, “lock”. This is due to the physiological characteristics that are responsible for the exclusion of premature ejaculation. If the dogs find themselves in a similar position, then after the end of the act, it is necessary to wait 3-4 minutes and move the dog’s paws so that the pets turn out to be tails to each other. It is strictly forbidden to separate animals, at this moment you need to try to calm them down. The lock can be opened at any time – in 15 minutes and in an hour.
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After the mating, the first signs of pregnancy should be expected soon. However, it is important to understand that everything does not always work out the first time.

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