Mating dogs: preparation and the process itself

Most animals have strong enough reproductive instincts, and this can be said about dogs. However, breeding processes have affected the reproductive system of pets. Today, not all individuals seek to continue their genus, and the selection of a pair and the mating itself occurs most often with the help of the owners. What do you need to know about mating dogs if he wants to get full-fledged offspring from his four-legged friend?

When is the best time to breed a dog

The reproductive system of the dog matures early enough, males can be ready for mating from 6 months, in bitches the first estrus occurs from 6 to 9 months. Moreover, representatives of small breeds develop first of all in this regard. Females of large breeds begin to flow a little later.

As in humans, in dogs, genitals develop earlier than the entire body as a whole. This means that it is not worth organizing mating in the first heat and there are a number of good reasons for this:

  • the body of a young animal is not yet strong enough for carrying and giving birth, this can be stressful for the dog and negatively affect its health;
  • puberty in dogs occurs by 6 months, and the growth of the body continues until 18-24 months, if you knit pets earlier, then their growth may stop without reaching the norm, especially in males;
  • it is impossible from overly young parents to get full-fledged offspring with a large number of healthy, well-developed puppies, most often in a young bitch in a litter of 1-2 fetuses, they are often weak and may have pathologies in development, both physically and mentally.

How to find a mating partner

The result depends on the right choice, so you need to approach this issue with all responsibility. This must be done in advance, before the bitches start estrus.

If there is no experience, then it is better to seek advice from the breeders, or to the kennel club. Professionals will be able, based on the characteristics of the dog, to select candidates suitable for the parameters.

If the dog is taken from a kennel, then the best option would be to pick up a groom or a bride from there.

The selection takes into account the presence of titled parents, working diplomas from the applicant himself, the correspondence of external data. If the dog already has offspring, then the data about him is also of great importance. If there are no pathologies in the previous litters, then, most likely, they will not be there either.

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For bitch owners, it would be more prudent to choose two gentlemen at once, in case of unforeseen situations.

So that there are no questions left, the owners of dogs selected for mating should discuss in advance all the nuances, starting from the meeting and ending with payment for services. If we talk about monetary reward, then, in most cases, the owners of the male take for mating an amount equal to the cost of their pet during the period of purchase, but most often the payment goes with one puppy, which the owners of the male have the right to choose on their own.

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Signs of a bitch’s readiness for mating

Signs that a bitch is ready to mate

The most successful period for mating is the third estrus, the average dog is 1.6-1.8 years old. At this time, you can already approximately calculate the time when the female is flowing, find out the main signs of her behavior during this period. The dog becomes fully adult, strong and ready to bear offspring.

It is very important to choose the right days, since the bitch accepts the male and the fertilization process takes place only 11-15 days from the onset of estrus. Although in this case there are certain nuances – some females are completely ready for mating already on the 8th day, while others can enter this phase only on the 15-17th day. It is worth paying attention to other important signs:

  • Discharge from the loop becomes transparent.
  • When touching the rump, the dog begins to take the position necessary for sitting, bending its back.
  • If you touch the base of the tail, the bitch pulls it to the side.

All this indicates the readiness of the pet for mating.

Preparing the male for mating

Nature has decreed that males are ready to have sexual intercourse all year round. Does this mean that dog owners do not need to prepare their pet for knitting? By no means, a dog of any gender requires certain actions on the part of its owners.

It is worth knowing that an untied male needs regular mating. Having entered into a taste, the pet’s behavior can significantly change, he begins to obsessively look after all the bitches, and stops obeying commands.

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In this case, in no case should you allow promiscuous relationships, as this is fraught with infections and sexually transmitted diseases (yes, and dogs are not immune from this).

If the owners do not have plans for the subsequent breeding of the breed, then unleashing the pet only out of pity is not the right decision and you need to be prepared for possible consequences. If the future of a pet is to be a stud dog, then this is possible only with excellent natural data.

The breeding male requires a certain amount of care, good nutrition, and improved living conditions. The most optimal age for unleashing is from one and a half to two years.

General requirements for the preparation of pets

Preparing the dog for mating

Before mating, it is necessary to carry out a number of procedures, both for the male and the female:

  • pass a number of tests for the presence of infections, hereditary diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases (in most cases, the owners of the bitch require a certificate of the health of the dog);
  • a week before mating, it is worth prodling the pet and treating it from fleas and ticks;
  • the day before meeting the bride, the male needs to arrange a bath, as for the female, she needs to take a bath at least a week before the meeting, so as not to eliminate the smell that attracts the opposite sex;
  • in the case of routine vaccinations, they must be made no later than two weeks before mating;
  • If the dog has long hair, then for a more successful mating, you can cut off its excess in the genital area.

Before mating, it is worth taking care of the good physical shape of the dog, if it is overfed, then it is worth following a diet, otherwise, take care of a more saturated and nutritious diet, perhaps supplement the menu with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Before the very meeting, you should not feed the dog, it is better to take the pet for a long walk.

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Room preparation

Owners should prepare a place for mating in advance. Provide a spacious room. If we are talking about an aviary, then make sure that there are no external irritants and strangers and animals. The floor covering should not be slippery, you need to remove unnecessary items.

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Traditionally, dogs meet on the territory of the male. This is done so that the dog is not confused and distracted. You can bring the groom to the female only if we are talking about an experienced stud dog who clearly knows about his duties.

In most cases, the bitch is given a certain amount of time to look around and get used to the new environment.

Mating process

There are two ways – this is a free process, when the animals get off the leashes, get acquainted and mate without external interference, and manual – when the owners help the couple to settle in correctly. The latter method is most often used for mating small breeds. If the dogs do not show due interest, then in this case it is necessary to bring the pets to each other, provoking their acquaintance.

When dogs meet, they need time to get to know each other and play, although experienced males may miss this moment, immediately getting down to business.

If everything is done on your own, then there will be no special trouble. After mating, it is necessary to wash the genitals of the dogs and treat them with an antiseptic, for example, Miramistin.

Otherwise, you will have to help the dog make a cage, hold it in the process so that the dog does not fall.

It is necessary to know certain physiological characteristics of dogs in order to be ready for them and not to harm them. Nature has made sure that the penis does not come out of the loop before fertilization occurs. In this case, the pets’ genitals are sticking together (sticking together). This is completely normal and in no case should you try to separate the pair. The duration of this moment can vary, from 10 minutes to an hour.

In this case, the owners can only help the dog turn its back to the female so that the dogs turn out to be tails to each other. The liberation process will happen on its own at the right time.

If everything is prepared correctly, the right moment and the right pair are chosen, then you should expect excellent, healthy offspring.

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