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For everyone who wants to take it easy

Admittedly: Mobility is not as spectacular as agility, not as imaginative as military and the dog needs a walk afterwards so that it is really exhausted. Nevertheless, it is a shame that this dog sport only has a relatively small fan base, because it is just beautiful.

Nicely predictable:

The Mobility Regulations include a total of 18 exercises, 15 per competition, and 12 should be passed by the dog. The order and obstacles are prescribed in detail and always run in the same way.

Nice and stress-free:

The exercises are only rated as “fulfilled” or “not fulfilled”. The owner can have his dog leashed or run freely. Praising or encouraging the dog in between is of course allowed.

Nice and cozy:

There is a lot of standing around during the exercises. So the dog has to wait quietly while the owner moves away. Or just have to answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly. It is also important to stand still on the dog swing and at least to linger on the catwalk for the audience. You don’t get sweaty there.

Nice cheap:

According to the regulations, the entry fee for a Mobility competition must not exceed 10 Swiss francs (approx. 6.50 euros). This makes Mobility one of the cheaper dog sport events.

Mobility is difficult to put into words, because the most important thing here is the feeling. The feeling of having an entertaining activity that is also meaningful for the dog – without competition and pressure from competition.

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