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New medication helps

Very often it is mites, sometimes fleas, rarely allergies or internal illnesses, which first manifest themselves in severe itching. This causes the dog to lick, nibble, scratch, or rub the itchy area. Often so violent that a small wound appears on the itchy area. It increases with every scratching and clears the way for bacteria of all kinds. The wound becomes inflamed, the itching gets worse, the dog scratches itself more violently – a vicious circle.

In search of the reason

If you experience persistent itching, you need to get to the bottom of it and fight the cause. Depending on the cause, the veterinarian has sufficient medication available for this. However, it can take weeks, even months, for such a treatment to have an effect. During this time, it is very important to combat the itching so that the dog does not keep scratching itself with blood. Until now, cortisone has been the drug of choice, but if used over the long term, it has considerable side effects. A new cortisone-free drug is now available from the vet that relieves itching and thus breaks the vicious circle. the tablets are also approved for the treatment of allergic skin diseases.

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