Nutrition of performance and sport dogs

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Nutrition of performance and sport dogs

Nutrition for the active

Dogs that are challenged above average need special treatment in terms of nutrition. This does not apply to the family dog ​​who takes a particularly long walk at the weekend or is out and about more often than the neighbour’s four-legged friend. Exercising your dog physically should be the norm. It’s about four-legged friends who have a “job” and for whom the above-average challenge is part of everyday life.

Heavy workers need a lot of energy

For example, police dogs, sled dogs, shepherds and hunting dogs that not only have their task in their name, but actually do it. These animals have a much higher energy requirement than their conspecifics who go for a walk three times a day and make do with various games with the family. You need up to four times the dosage of the feed, which also requires a special composition. The owners of these dogs usually do not use ready-made industrial food, but put it together themselves.

Very individual needs

While there are ready-made mixes for particularly active breeds, the needs of these animals are very different. What and how much such a workhorse needs depends, among other things, on its age and tasks.

“Active food” is not for “normal” dogs

Owners of “normal” dogs can only be strongly recommended not to provide their four-legged friends with food for active dogs. Family dogs hardly have the opportunity to dissipate this surplus of energy. Result: they either become hyperactive or fat.

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