Emergency cards

Included in the set Our emergency cards for dogs included a profile that you can hang up in the vicinity of your apartment when you have […]

National and international poison emergency call

When calling, please provide the following information Who poisoned themselves? (Age, gender, phone) What did the person poison himself with? (Medicines, plants, animals, food, chemicals, household […]

Emergency addresses in Switzerland

International dialing code: 0041 Animal ambulance in Bern Gewerbestrasse 34 3012 Bern Mob .: 079-706 09 47 Email: [email protected] Internet: http://www.tierambulanz-bern.ch Animal ambulance Wiesenstrasse 72 3014 […]

The first year with a dog

Whether puppy, adult dog or senior – every new dog will change your previous life. If you want to create a strong foundation for your human-dog […]

When humans and dogs get older

Sometimes I’ve wondered why dogs have such short lives, and I’m pretty sure it’s out of compassion for humans. Because if we suffer so much because […]

In old age, humans and dogs suffer from similar complaints

Sleep more, cuddle more and a lot of gray hair The males are a tiny statistical tick ahead. At least that of our readers. Of the […]

The command “here”

This is how the dog learns to follow Choose an area for training that is still unknown to your dog and as free from wilderness and […]

The command “sit”

Only practice with your dog where it is not distracted, for example in your apartment. Equip yourself with enough treats, toys and a dog leash. Exercise […]

The Older Dog’s Diet

What older dogs need Dogs and humans have something in common: Both are getting older. And just like humans, dogs have different needs in the last […]