general characteristics

This small friendly dog ​​is absolutely not aggressive, very smart and loves company. Papillon is obedient and quickly “absorbs” new information, so it is quite easy to train him and can be taught funny tricks.


Every owner dreams of seeing his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
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Breed characteristics:
– Sociable and smart kid
– Considers himself a big dog and requires appropriate treatment
– Loves adventures and walks

Height: 20-28 cm
Age: under 16
Weight: 2-3 kg


Papillon will happily get along with any other animal, but you should be careful when dealing with large dogs.


Most of all, in the owner, the Papillon values ​​the art of communication and the time for a joint “exploration of the world.” Papillon is light on his feet and will rush after you at the first call.

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Hair care

Papillons periodically shed, so their long hair needs care. In the periods between molting, periodic brushing and extremely rare water treatments are sufficient.

Conditions of detention

The inquisitiveness and adaptability of the Papillon breed makes them “their own” inhabitants both in the city and in the countryside.


The Papillons will be happy to have a good walk in the park, but they will also be quite happy playing in the backyard.

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