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Pedigri dog food – composition analysis, reviews of owners and veterinarians

Balanced nutrition helps to keep your pet healthy, improve the quality and duration of its life. The resistance of the liver and kidneys to harmful influences in dogs is much lower than in humans, so eating from a common table is contraindicated for a four-legged friend.

Improper diet can cause digestive upset, allergies, poor health, decreased activity and other adverse effects.

PEDIGREE® Ration Developers understand that a dog is more than just an animal, but a loyal friend and helper. That is why they offer good nutrition, taking into account the characteristics of the age and breed of the dog, allowing you to maintain the health and well-being of your pet throughout its life.


  1. PEDIGREE® feed range
    • A range of wet and dry puppy foods
    • Dry food for adult dogs
    • Wet food for adult dogs
    • Healthy Grooming and Training Treats
  2. PEDIGREE® Feed Composition
  3. Reviews of dog breeders
  4. The opinion of veterinarians

PEDIGREE® feed range

The dog’s diet should be balanced and have sufficient energy value, contain the optimal amount of nutrients, be well absorbed and give a feeling of fullness.

PEDIGREE® foods contain the required amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to fully meet the daily requirement of a puppy or adult dog.

Depending on age, physical characteristics and lifestyle, a different ratio of nutritional components is required, which is why the manufacturer offers special nutrition:

  • for puppies;
  • for adult dogs.

Separately, we can highlight the line of Denta Stix sticks, designed for regular dental and oral care. Denta Stiх has an X-shape, created taking into account the structure of the dog’s oral cavity. It promotes mechanical cleaning of teeth and massage of the gums.

Pedigree food

PEDIGREE® Puppy Line

The transition from breast milk to the adult diet should be gradual. It is better to start the first complementary food at 3-4 weeks of age with wet food. PEDIGREE® offers two types of wet food for puppies from 1 month old:

  • with lamb;
  • with beef;

Then dry food is gradually introduced. Its composition should take into account the needs of the developing organism, and the degree of hardness should be suitable for young teeth. PEDIGREE® is an excellent choice:

  • for puppies of all breeds from 2 months;
  • for puppies of large breeds from 6 months.

Dry food for adult dogs

The line of dry food for animals over 1 year old has been developed taking into account the characteristics of various breeds. Dog breeders will be able to choose from a complete beef feed for miniature, medium or large animals, as well as a versatile option.

Wet food for adult dogs

Wet food for adult dogs is available in a range for miniature breeds, as well as universal for all other breeds. According to the classification of the scientific center WALTHAM ™, dogs that weigh up to 5 kg in adulthood can be considered miniature, small ones weighing from 5 to 10 kg, medium ones – from 10 to 25 kg, and large dogs weigh more than 25 kilograms.
Wet food is an excellent addition to dry food, and together they form a complete diet. For adults of medium and large breeds, PEDIGREE® offers:

Chunks in jelly with flavors:
  • lamb
  • veal and liver

Pieces in sauce with flavors:
  • Chicken
  • rabbit and turkey
  • beef
  • beef and lamb

For miniature animals weighing up to 5 kg, there is a special PEDIGREE® Mini series with flavors:

  • lamb in sauce
  • beef in sauce
  • chicken (pate)
  • beef (pate)

Healthy treats

Treats are healthy and tasty additions to the main diet that are used during training or to pamper your four-legged friend, but are not the main source of energy for your pet.

These include treats for puppies:

  • flavorful pieces of Tasty Bites Puppy

And treats for adult dogs:

  • flavorful pieces of Tasty Bites
  • crispy pads Tasty Bites
  • Rodeo meat braids
  • meat biscuits Markies
  • tasty bones Jumbone and Jumbone mini
  • biscuit bones Biscrok.

Pedigri - dog food

Composition of Pedigri feed

The composition of PEDIGREE® feeds is balanced. It represents the optimal ratio of ingredients of animal and vegetable origin, and is also enriched with a complex of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Corn, wheat and rice are carbohydrates, give a feeling of fullness, and also prevent the development of obesity and the appearance of digestive disorders.
  2. Meat ingredients in the form of chicken and meat flour are sources of protein, which is important for the growth of the animal, the formation of immunity, and the maintenance of water balance.
  3. Beet pulp – fiber, maintains normal sugar levels.
  4. Vegetable oil and animal fats are a source of energy, as well as polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  5. The vitamin and mineral complex includes: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamins A, E, D3. Brewer’s yeast is a source of B vitamins.

There are no dyes or preservatives in the composition.

Feed consumption

Feed consumption Pedigri

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Reviews of dog breeders

Our dog is allergic and fastidious, his digestion is very sensitive, so the search for a suitable food took more than one year. Having tried a lot of expensive and cheap options, one day we decided to buy him Pedigri food. After the treat, there were no side reactions, but rather the opposite. The chair returned to normal, the eyes stopped flowing, the smell from the mouth disappeared. The dog is active and joyful, stopped begging from the table.

Alexandra, amateur dog breeder

I inherited a small hunting dog of the Border Terrier breed. I don’t have time to cook porridge, so I wanted to find the right food. When choosing, I was guided by the composition and price, so I settled on Pedigri. When I finally introduced this feed into the diet, I did not notice any negative reactions. The dog runs and jumps. My mouth does not smell, my teeth are cleaner. Everything is fine with the stomach and digestion. The food suited my dog ​​one hundred percent.

Alexander, owner of the Border Terrier

My Malamutes have been eating Pedigri for 8 years now, they are healthy and beautiful. I breed Malamutes for sledding, so it is important that the puppies have strong joints, good muscles, and excellent digestion. Pedigri for large dogs and for large breed puppies helps me to raise such puppies. In this price range, there are no feeds of the same quality as Pedigree and with the same range of functions.

Mangusheva Elena, professional breeder

The opinion of veterinarians

As a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner and veterinarian, I recommend PEDIGREE®! After participating in testing this product, I decided to continue giving Pedigri to the pet. The dog eats with pleasure, I did not notice any negative changes in appearance or deterioration in digestion. If the feed fits, then why overpay ?! I feed dry food, and give wet food as a treat. I also recommend Pedigri to the clients of our clinic “Bambi” as the main diet for healthy dogs.

Elena, veterinarian at the Bambi clinic, Moscow

As a veterinarian, I decided to take part in the testing of Pedigri feed. For a month, my parents’ dog has been eating this brand of food. We noted that the animal became more active, more mobile. The dog lost weight, the stool returned to normal, there were positive changes in appearance. After the experiment, it was decided to continue feeding the pet with PEDIGREE® food.

Natalya, veterinarian at the Ideal clinic (Moscow), more than 9 years of experience

Having worked as a veterinarian for over 20 years, I can definitely say that the most common problems in most dogs are: gingivitis, plaque on the teeth and bad breath. Regular use of PEDIGREE® Denta Stix helps to cope with these phenomena. Due to the special shape and degree of hardness, the sticks provide mechanical cleaning, and the sodium tripolyphosphate and zinc sulfate contained in the composition prevent the development of diseases and the formation of tartar.

Tatiana Chernova, Moscow

By choosing PEDIGREE®, the owner can be sure that his pet is getting everything it needs for nutritious nutrition, healthy growth and development.

Article provided by the official food manufacturer PEDIGREE®

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