Heat stroke in dogs
Uterine suppuration in the bitch

Prolapse of the uterus in the bitch

Who gets sick?

Such an incident usually affects bitches at the end of childbirth. However, it is also possible that a uterine prolapse occurs during the birth. Often the cause is a sagging uterus, which can be pressed outwards by strong pressure from the abdominal muscles. This process is usually only possible within the first twelve hours after giving birth, because the birth canal is then still completely open.

How do you recognize it?

Various degrees of incidents can be observed. This ranges from a small bulge at the vaginal exit to a flesh-colored, balloon-like structure that protrudes from the vagina, to a completely everted uterus. This has a certain resemblance to an intestine, as the mucous membrane of its inside is turned outwards.

What should I do?

Since the bitch will certainly try to lick and even nibble on the uterus, it is highly recommended that the incident be covered with clean, damp, and cool towels. This can also delay further swelling. The bitch must then be taken to the vet immediately, who may have an operation to remove the uterus and ovaries, especially if it is a major incident.

How can you prevent?

There is no meaningful prevention, as a weak connective tissue often plays a role, which cannot be foreseen.

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