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BARF feeding

“BARFING” sounds simple and very healthy: Humans put together the food for their dog from fresh, raw ingredients. The aim is to imitate the diet of a wild carnivore or prey eater. In this way one would like to meet the needs of the dog as a prey eater or scavenger. But if you want to feed your dog like this, you should be aware that BARF feeding is associated with some risks.

Raw meat – the main component of BARF feeding – can be a carrier of sometimes deadly germs.

Barfen carries risks

Many “barers” make the mistake of only offering their dog meat. Then important minerals such as calcium and sodium as well as trace elements and vitamins are not sufficiently available. The dog does not get the fiber necessary for digestion at all. Adding raw greens does not solve the problem, as many types of vegetables are only digestible for the dog when they are cooked. Another problem with making your own mix is ​​the fluctuating nutritional content of the individual components. A private person can hardly control this sufficiently.

Ask the vet first

Anyone wishing to change their dog’s diet to self-made food should clarify any questions about the composition with the veterinarian or one of the university’s veterinary nutrition institutes, which offer appropriate advice. This is the only way to achieve optimal and health-promoting nutrition for the dog even in problematic cases.

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